Becoming a Wizard by Starting From the Mind Closure Technique

Chapter 10

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10 Chapter 10 Diligence_1
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It was already late at night when they reached the academy.

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The recruitment process had lasted the whole day, and only after nightfall, did the large aircraft take off.

During this time, Link and Jasmine had a delicious dinner delivered by an intelligent mechanical puppet, it was sweet and delectable, a truly splendid meal.

After disembarking the aircraft, several self-driving vehicles were already waiting, clearly marked, no need for human directions.

The boys and girls separated, taking their respective vehicles to their dormitories.

Entering the dormitory didn’t require any further procedures, nor did they need to purchase any living items like bedding, they could directly move in. Moreover, each person had their own room, negating the need for roommates.

The room layout included two Bedrooms, a Living Room, and a bathroom, with a dry and wet separation.

As soon as he entered the dormitory, Link made a quick round, briefly understanding the situation of the room. Before he could settle down, his portable smart brain in his parcel began to vibrate.

Link hurriedly unpacked the parcel, took out his portable smart brain, and discovered it was a notification from the academy.

When he clicked it open, he was astounded.

“Link Grande, New Blood from the Storm Sea Keeter Islands, congratulations on your official enrollment at Ravensmouth Biological and Medical College.

Your journey of seeking truth and knowledge as a wizard begins now.

The schedule for the upcoming semester (sixteen weeks) will soon be sent to your portable smart brain, please arrange your personal time accordingly.”

After he clicked away from the notification, the schedule immediately arrived.

Link took a deep breath, opened the schedule, and was stunned once again.

The semester comprised of eight courses, namely “A Brief History of Wizard Civilization”, “An Overview of Mental Power and Meditation”, “Rune Studies”, “The Essence, Origin, and Development of Witchcraft”, “Mathematics”, “Botany”, “Zoology”, and “Human Anatomy”.

There were four classes each day, two in the morning and two in the afternoon. The schedule was incredibly packed.

Link had seen the textbooks for these courses earlier on the bookshelf in his study room.

The academy had everything from daily life to academic studies well prepared.

And so, starting the day after tomorrow, Link would follow the rhythm of studying as much as possible short of keeling over.

After all, whether he would become a superior person or remain a commoner, all depended on whether he could learn well and hard during these four years.

Time and tide wait for no man, Link locked his smart brain screen, took a quick shower in the bathroom. He changed into the sleepwear provided by the academy, which was inside the wardrobe in the bedroom. Then he went to bed to rest up.

Early the next morning, in the twilight, Link woke up.

After tending to his personal hygiene, he changed into the uniform, also provided by the college. Link picked up “A Brief History of Wizard Civilization”, “An Overview of Mental Power and Meditation”, “Rune Studies”, and “The Essence, Origin, and Development of Witchcraft” -the four textbooks for the first four classes- and a pen and a notebook he had found in his study room. Guided by the map navigation on his portable smart brain, he headed toward the library.

Jasmine Kidman had spent the entire day fiddling with her portable smart brain and had accomplished quite a bit.

Calendar, alarm clock, notes, map navigation, friend chats, file sharing, etc., were all set up by Jasmine one by one.

Jasmine, being a girl, was probably more interested in sharing.

So without needing to figure it out himself, Link had learned a fair number of applications of the portable smart brain.

Easy win!

Link’s dormitory was quite far from the library, it would take about fifteen minutes to walk. En route, he would pass by a cafeteria and a life service building.

After getting a hearty and free breakfast from the cafeteria with his ID, he found a seat. Link had just taken a sip of milk and hadn’t started eating his bread when Jasmine sent a message through her portable smart brain’s friend’s system.

“Link, have you got up? What are your plans for today? Want to explore the academy?”

Link replied indifferently, “Explore? Study! Classes start tomorrow, have you previewed your textbooks? What will you do if you don’t understand what the teacher is saying in class?”

“Uh, I… I didn’t think about that.”

Link, “Heh. I’m eating breakfast in the cafeteria. I’ll go to the library after this. I advise you to preview your textbooks too. Remember, we only have four years!!!”

After replying to this message, Link locked his portable smart brain screen and focused on his meal.

After filling his stomach, he ignored several messages from Jasmine and headed straight to the library. He found a seat in the corner near the window in the reading room on the first-floor west side. After sharing his location with Jasmine, he began to diligently read.

“A Brief History of Wizard Civilization” was about thumb-thick.

From the appearance of the first official wizard in human history over seven thousand eight hundred years ago, to humans, under the command of wizards, defeating the powerful Demon Beasts seizing true control over the world. Then to the emergence of the first Saint who surpassed the level nine Great Sage, to the wizard world’s domination of the starry seas of the heavens under the leadership of the nine Saints. Then to the war between the wizard world and the World of God, both of whom dominated a part of the starry seas of the heavens, which resulted in both worlds shattering. Then to the five surviving Saints after the war refining parts of the shattered world into a main continent, with other shards scattered across the four oceans, becoming many islands…

Events with significant impact on the wizard world were all recorded in it.

Significant and long-lasting events were highlighted, with the truth being restored from various angles for analysis.

Link hastily skimmed it once without reading in detail, and decided that he would study the events in “A Brief History of Wizard Civilization” thoroughly given the time.

After all, learning from the past can guide the future, and reading history provides wisdom.

After casually reading through, Link turned to the first chapter to read again.

This time, he chewed on every word and sentence and occasionally noted his insights or questions in the notebook.

The Hall of Mind only enabled Link to remember what he saw, but remembering is not synonymous with understanding.

Writing down insights and taking notes can help to better digest the knowledge.

Thanks to the highest realm of the Mind Closure Technique, Link’s mind was clear and free from distractions. When he was reading, he devoted himself wholeheartedly to it, oblivious to Jasmine’s arrival halfway in.

After having greeted him several times without response, Jasmine began to feel somewhat annoyed, but later, she, inexplicably, was also influenced and began to preview her courses seriously.

That was until both their stomachs began to grumble in protest.

The two looked up at each other.

Link was okay, but Jasmine’s face blushed red.

Girls always cared more about their image.

“Off to eat.”

Fortunately, Link’s timely invitation diffused the awkward atmosphere.

Jasmine bowed her head to organize her books, adjusted her state of mind. Pretending as if nothing had happened, she went along with Link to the cafeteria for a meal.

After lunch, Jasmine still maintained a desire to explore the academy. She had already found several places of interest whilst watching the introductory video of the academy the day before.

After being refused by Link once again, Jasmine, who didn’t know if it was due to pride or other intentions, decided to go sightseeing alone.

Link, on the other hand, plunged himself back into the library for some grueling reading.

Becoming a Wizard by Starting From the Mind Closure Technique



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