Becoming a Wizard by Starting From the Mind Closure Technique

Chapter 13

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13 Chapter 13: Responding to _1
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“Who are you?”

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Link was very confused. He had never seen this person before.

Moreover, who are you? And what’s your relationship with Jasmine Kidman?

Why did you start off with such a despotic threat the moment we meet?

Even Gao Qiqiang, who goes fishing with Old Mo, isn’t as cool as you.

I’m terrified.

“It doesn’t matter who I am; what’s important is that someone you can’t afford to mess with has set his sights on Jasmine Kidman. Be careful, or you won’t know how you died!”

The hulky guy did not answer Link’s question directly; he just continued to lay out threats.

Speaking, he used the middle and index fingers of his right hand to gesture between his own eyes and Link, expressing the meaning that he would keep an eye on Link.

After he finished threatening Link and glaring at him for a while, the hulky guy turned around and walked away.

Link quietly watched the hulky guy act tough, and as he walked towards a group of senior students, Link showed no expression on his face.

This was truly an unprovoked disaster.

No wonder the ancients always lamented about the trouble that comes with a beauty.

Pretty women can indeed arouse covetousness and bring about conflicts.

Even though Jasmine hasn’t grown up yet, she’s still just a beauty in the making but there are always some people with strange and harmful preferences.


However, he won’t suddenly distance himself from Jasmine and sever ties with her because of an unexpected threat, resulting in strangers afterwards.

Link was just trying to keep a low profile and concentrate on learning. He didn’t lack backbone to the point of turning indifferent to any threat.

Of course, if Jasmine was the one to make a choice and gradually drift away from him, Link would not compel her.

He didn’t harbor any feelings for Jasmine. His willingness to act together with Jasmine and provide some easy assistance was only out of hometown affections.

In this world, Link is a stranger.

The Grande Couple, especially Mrs. Grande, are among the few connections Link has to this world.

Link, out of affinity for the couple, is fond of those from the Quete Archipelago, like Jasmine, Jimmy, Chris and Christina.

With the rest not around, Link seems to take particular care of Jasmine, intentionally or otherwise.

Ultimately, it all boils down to his psychological age being out of sync with the rest.

“Link, what are you doing here all alone? Just let loose and have fun.”

After frolicking around with a few girls she had just met, Jasmine noticed Link standing alone on the lawn, in a daze. She walked over to him with her cup of sparkling wine.

“You go ahead and enjoy yourself. I’m not very comfortable in these situations, so I’d rather keep to myself.”

Link took a small sip of his drink, responding calmly as usual.

A group of teenagers, attempting to socialize like adults, did not interest him at all.

“You can learn to get used to it.”

Jasmine stood next to Link, gazing at the scattered groups on the lawn and said earnestly,

“Link, I know you’re completely focussed on your studies, striving to become an official wizard in four years. I want to do the same! But people need friends, so they have someone to lend them a hand when times are tough.”

Link turned to look at Jasmine and replied just as earnestly, “Jasmine, you can only rely on yourself. You can’t depend on others. Instead of thinking about making friends, you might as well spend more time and effort to improve yourself.”

Jasmine took a deep breath, downed her drink, and suppressed the urge to flip open Link’s skull to see if his brain was filled with nonsense, constantly reminding herself to maintain her grace and abide by the etiquette of the nobility.

Screw grace, screw manners!

If people can only rely on themselves, then what am I supposed to make of my occasional reliance on you?

Can I still rely on you at all?

Can I?

“Stay alone then!”

Jasmine finished her drink and forcefully stuffed the empty cup into Link’s hand, then turned huffily and walked away.

Link raised an eyebrow, not minding it.

A girl’s changing heart is perfectly normal.

Gradually, more and more people gathered to the corner of the South Lawn, and it became increasingly lively.

Link stood outside the crowd, watching as the President of the “New Blood Mutual Aid Association” gave his opening speech, watching everyone cheer and toast, and watching them light the charcoal for the self-service barbecue…

The excitement was theirs; Link was content with his inner calm and his unwavering goal.

The picnic began in the morning, reached its climax at noon, and ended in the afternoon.

Link didn’t waste time; he managed to multitask. While wandering around, he entered the Hall of Mind and revised everything he had learned over the past two weeks.

Jasmine had drunk quite a bit of alcohol. When leaving the South Lawn, she could hardly walk straight.

A few people offered to escort Jasmine back to the dormitory, among them was someone Link was warned to not mess with, a third-year, soon-to-be promoted to second rank wizard apprentice, and one of the five vice presidents of the “New Blood Mutual Aid Association,” Rivers Francis.

But Jasmine rejected all of them. Instead, she spotted Link at the edge of the crowd. She staggered over to him and slurred, “Link…can you…take me home, please?”


Link nodded, not offering to support Jasmine, and let her walk clumsily, only reminding her when she was about to head in the wrong direction.

Behind him, the second-rank wizard apprentice Rivers, who had threatened him earlier, watched Link’s retreating figure with a dark look in his eyes.

“Erick, are you sure you expressed my thoughts clearly?”

Rivers turned to ask the burly man beside him.

“I am certain.”

The burly man named Erick nodded seriously, fanning the flames, “But his attitude was dismissive. He doesn’t think much of us at all!”


Rivers laughed coldly in rage, “Very good! I’ll get him when the time is right.”

Originally, Rivers just happened to see Jasmine Kidman and thought she met his preferences, and wanted to get to know her.

But now it was more than just Jasmine Kidman. Rivers felt his authority was being ignored.

Rivers’s wizard qualifications were not high.

His Innate Spirit Power was at 12, he had a high affinity for the Light System elements, and an exceptionally high affinity for the Fire System elements.

By a stroke of luck, Rivers obtained a fragment of a high-level meditation technique called the “Rage Inferno Meditation Method”, and he immediately began practicing.

After that, Rivers found his progress going smoothly and his wishes coming true effortlessly, which gradually formed his domineering and uncompromising character.

Now that he felt his dignity had been affronted, Rivers was filled with rage, wishing he could incinerate Link with a blaze.

What remains of his reason prevented Rivers from acting rashly.

Ravensmouth Biological and Medical College maintained a strict code of conduct within the school, where private fights were forbidden.

After all, those “New Bloods” who couldn’t be promoted to official wizards within four years could only be used as expendable resources. Although not a total loss, the gains were not considerable.

But rules were always made to be broken, or at least bent.

The prohibition of private fights didn’t mean that Rivers didn’t have a way to deal with Link.

Link, who had sent Jasmine back and returned to his own dormitory was also considering strategies for dealing with the unwarranted trouble.

As for the rest, Link was not worried, he was only concerned about his own personal safety.

This world was one where the extraordinary were revered; once one possessed a lethal weapon with murderous intent, one’s power became even more extraordinary.

After some consideration, Link finally pulled out 2 gold coins and 63 silver coins from his package and went to the service building.

He decided to buy a sharp blade for self-protection.

Becoming a Wizard by Starting From the Mind Closure Technique



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