Becoming a Wizard by Starting From the Mind Closure Technique

Chapter 3

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3 Chapter 3 Journey_1
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Link was feeling down.

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For over a year now, Link had been pretending to be his original self.

But people are unique, especially when Link’s previous life was a man approaching thirty, how could he successfully impersonate a young and naive boy?

Mrs. Grande naturally noticed the changes in her youngest son.

But, as a mother, how many would doubt their own son?

Mrs. Grande loved her son deeply, trying her hardest to make her youngest son’s life better, at the very least to ensure he was well-fed and warmly dressed.

She was uneducated, didn’t know how to express her feelings with big words, so she simply did everything practically.

Human beings aren’t heartless like plants, everyone has some emotions, right?

In Mrs. Grande, Link saw the reflection of his mother from his previous life, the same unconditional love and care, the same lack of communication skills, and the same instruction not to worry about home and to study well outdoors.

The joy of getting a precious pass to the main continent, and the happiness of having the opportunity to become a wizard with mighty powers at his disposal, seemed much lighter now.

A deep and eternal sense of longing welled up in his heart.

He hadn’t had time to say goodbye properly.

Link sniffled, took a deep breath, and started using the “Mind Closure Technique” actively to compose his thoughts and emotions.

The carriage had also returned to Viscount’s Castle at this time, where the steward was waiting.

Link returned to his former appearance, a faint, uncontrollable joy on his face as he stepped down from the carriage.

Guided by the steward, Link entered the banquet hall.

Wizard Palo, his four companions, and Viscount Holliday had already taken their seats, but the meal had not yet started.


Seeing Link entering with a package, Wizard Palo turned his head, slightly indicating the empty seat next to the blonde, blue-eyed girl.

“Yes, Wizard Palo.”

Link continued to impersonate the young boy and responded obediently.

The steward helped Link pull out his chair and placed a plate, dish, knife, and fork in front of him.

“Let’s eat.”

Wizard Palo spoke first, taking his knife and fork, showing disinterest in conversation with his full attention on the food.

Viscount Holliday, who initially wanted to propose a toast and start a conversation, immediately dropped the idea.

Housed under the stewardship of different lords, the four companions were somewhat familiar with Wizard Palo’s style. Each of them also silently picked up their knives and forks, enjoying the food.

The banquet was bountiful.

In the elegant glass decanter was fragrant grape wine, and on the silver plate were delicacies such as foie gras, caviar, baby steak, lamb chop, deep-sea fish fillets, and other foods that Link had never seen in more than a year.

Link couldn’t help but salivate.

In the past year, the main food had been dark bread, accompanied by fish or scraped meat from cows and sheep’s margins. He had rarely had vegetables, which had long upset Link.

Now, seeing a pile of delicacies in front of him, how could he resist?

Thankfully, Link was not really a poor boy. In his previous life, he had come across some Western dining etiquette. Hence, he didn’t embarrass himself while devouring his food.

The sumptuous lunch ended in silence.

The table wasn’t a mess, as there was always a maid nearby to add dishes and change plates, but most of the delicacies were evidently finished.

Wizard Palo put down his knife and fork, finished the red wine in his glass, wiped his mouth with a napkin and said, “Thanks to Viscount Holliday for the hospitality. I will speak well of the Viscount at the Wizard’s place.”

“Thank you, Wizard Sire, thank you, Wizard Sire.”

Viscount Holliday was ecstatic, expressing his gratitude repeatedly. He had gone to great lengths to serve Wizard Palo to garner the very words of praise he desired.

“It’s time for us to hit the road.”

Wizard Palo set down his napkin, stood up, and walked outside.

Link and his four companions quickly followed.

In the castle square, a horseless, self-driving vehicle drove up.

The vehicle looked like a rectangular box, very much like the buses from Link’s previous world.

Wizard Palo walked to the middle of the right side of the vehicle, and the door opened automatically.

Link and his four companions got on the vehicle with Wizard Palo.

Wizard Palo went straight to the front cabin of the vehicle, leaving the five newly initiated wizard apprentices in the back cabin.

Once the five of them found seats on semi-reclining chairs, the doors closed automatically.

After a moment of rumbling, the vehicle lifted slightly, about five or six centimeters above the ground, and began to move towards the exit of the castle.

“Magnetic levitation?”

Link felt the slight lift of the vehicle body and a flicker of a question crossed his mind.

“Let’s introduce ourselves.”

The brown-haired boy with mismatched eyes twisted his body into a comfortable position and began, “My name is Jiminy Hendrix. I am the first wizard apprentice Wizard Palo chose in the Quete Archipelago. I come from Baron Moran’s Domain, and my wizard qualifications rank is fourth.”

The brother from the set of twins followed, “My name is Chris Smith, and my sister is Christina. We come from Viscount Boro’s Domain. Our wizard qualifications are third rank.”

The blonde girl with green eyes added, “I’m Jasmine Kidman. I come from Baron Kidman’s Domain, and my wizard qualifications are third rank.”

Link responded, “My name is Link Grande, a blacksmith’s son. You all know my wizard qualification, so I won’t say it.”

After a pause, Link tentatively asked,”Why are we in such a hurry to leave Viscount Holliday’s Domain? Are we going to conduct further tests in other territories?”


Jiminy, having been with Wizard Palo the longest, knew the most. He explained, “Viscount Holliday’s Domain was the last stop on Wizard Palo’s journey. We’re likely headed to Katosi Harbor next to catch a ship to the main continent.”

“Katosi Harbor?”

Link had intentionally gathered geographical information and knew that Katosi Harbor was one of the two major ports of the Quete Archipelago, located east of Viscount Holliday’s Domain and approximately sixty miles away.

Looking at the rapidly receding landscape outside the window, Link estimated it would take about an hour to get there.

Why was Wizard Palo in such a hurry?

Though he had questions, Link decided not to voice them.

In his position, it was best not to pry into the affairs of someone of higher status, especially when that person was nearby.

Hesitating for a moment, Link asked, “Jiminy, Chris, Christina, Jasmine, what do you know about wizards and the main continent? As you know, I’m just a blacksmith’s son. Aside from a few legends about wizards, I don’t know much about anything else.”

As Link finished speaking, Jiminy and the Smith siblings turned to look at Jasmine.

Given each person’s last name, Jasmine was the only one here of noble birth.

On this secluded island, knowledge and information were not widely available, and only the nobility would have regular access.

Although Jiminy knew more news due to being Palo’s first choice, when it came to knowledge and experience, he was no match for Jasmine Kidman.

The blond girl organized her words carefully and said cautiously, “I don’t really understand much of this myself. I only know that our destination is the West Coast of the main continent. Upon disembarking, there will be representatives from different wizard organizations and schools recruiting students, and we will choose our suitable destination.”

After a pause, Jasmine added, “The currency exchanged among wizards is called Magic Stone, so once we arrive on the main continent, we need to find a way to earn these.”

Becoming a Wizard by Starting From the Mind Closure Technique



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