Becoming a Wizard by Starting From the Mind Closure Technique

Chapter 44

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Chapter 44: Chapter 44 Investigation^

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Erick was indeed dead.

Originally gravely injured, his body was weak; he sought a fierce battle and was hit by three crossbow arrows, one of which pierced his abdomen, damaging his organs.

One injury on top of another, it was only natural that Erick would cough up blood and suddenly die, without even a chance of rescue.

Link stared at Erick’s corpse, silent for a long time.

Jasmine removed her cloak and walked forward, standing next to Link with

worry in her eyes.

Killing was not a small matter.

Unless one was naturally heartless, very few people could be unaffected by the

act of killing.

Link felt like he not only killed Erick, but also killed a part of himself.

He closed his eyes, took a deep breath, and used the “Mind Closure Technique” to cut off distracting thoughts.

“I’m fine.”

Link turned his head and showed Jasmine a relaxed smile. He took her cloak, turned off the optical stealth, and put it on himself, “Let’s go, we still have a lot to deal with afterward.”

Signaling at the Intelligent Law Enforcement Puppet floating not far away, Link led Jasmine toward the Administrative Building.

The notification had already come through their personal smart devices: Link and jasmine needed to go to the “Office of Campus Disputes and Accident Investigation and Mediation” to be questioned and investigated.

The honest have nothing to fear.

Link admitted that he did indeed harbor intentions to kill Erick, and that he did indeed kill Erick, but this doesn’t mean that his actions were against the rules.

Even those with the most biased point of view couldn’t find a significant mistake in his series of responses after being attacked by Link.

Because of this, Link entered the “Office of Campus Disputes and Accident Investigation and Mediation” calmly. Although he didn’t walk with his head up high, he didn’t shrink back either.

“Link Grande, Jasmine Kidman, could you please each briefly recount the series of events?”

In the office, sitting behind the desk was an elderly man with a full head of white hair, wearing a robe with a badge representing his status as an official wizard on his chest.

The old man’s hair was perfectly combed, his face expressionless. The corners of his mouth were slightly drooped, making him look extremely serious. As soon as the two of them entered the office, without any buffering time, they were directly asked to give a statement.

Link was not flustered and began to say, “After dinner, Jasmine and I went to the library to study as usual.

Upon entering the grove, I noticed someone hiding in the shadows with a killing aura locked onto us, so I immediately hid and moved with Jasmine and asked Jasmine to report to the academy.

As the intelligent Law Enforcement Puppet had not arrived, the person ambushing us began to attack.

To escape, I had to tussle with the attacker.

The attacker pursued relentlessly-to my regret, I had no choice but to fight back, and, during the fight, I accidentally killed the attacker.”

At this point, Jasmine added, “Link only counterattacked after the attacker kept attacking us multiple times.”

The old man didn’t comment on their statements and asked, “The deceased was named Erick Burnalis. Did you know him? What was your relationship. Was there any conflict?”

Jasmine took the initiative to reply, “I once joined the ‘New Blood Mutual Aid Association,’ where I met Erick. We had a few brief conversations, not much else. As for conflicts, there were none directly.”


The old man turned to look at Link, “It was found that Erick Burnahs had threatened you on behalf of Rives Francis and you retaliated appropriately. What do you have to say about this?”

Link responded calmly, “I don’t think that was retaliation. I just had honest conversations with Mina Havcheck and Rives Francis, expressing my views on certain matters. I didn’t take any retaliatory action against anyone.” After a pause, Link’s demeanor became slightly sharper, “If you or the Academy have investigated the entire event, such as the circumstances of Erick Burnahs threatening me, the actions of Rives Francis, and Mina Havcheck’s experiences and covert operations, perhaps you could have a more comprehensive and in-depth understanding.”


The old man pondered, looking at Link steadily. His face was devoid of expression, and his eyes were as calm as an ancient well, yet compelling. Link exerted all his strength to use the “Mind Closure Technique” to resist the old man’s invisible pressure and questioning.

“You have a strong mindset.”

After a while, seeing that Link didn’t back down, the old man said softly. It was unclear whether he was complimenting him or had other intentions. A moment later, the office’s work smart device received the field survey report sent by the Intelligent Law Enforcement Puppet.

The report was presented in a combination of pictures and videos, and from the traces on the scene, it basically reproduced the process of Link’s battle with Erick.

-Calm and composed, brave and resolute, good adaptability, your application of battle tactics is also fine.”

The old man glanced at the report, showing a hint of appreciation in his eyes. It was as though he was talking to himself, but also seemed like it was directed at Link, “You are a promising seedling for combat.”

In the face of the vague praise, Link remained silent without any hint of pride on his face.

When dealing with such deep and crafty characters, one must always stay alert. You might think he’s genuinely praising you, but in reality, he’s just trying to make you lower your guard.

The old man didn’t seem to mind and continued speaking, “The ‘Thorn Entanglement’ you used was quite clever. You set it up early and delivered a fatal blow at the crucial moment; good, really good.”

Suddenly, the old man asked, “Jasmine Kidman, what role do you think Mina Havcheck played in this incident, in which Erick Burnalis attacked you and Link Grande?

As far as I know, before Erick Burnalis attacked you, he had sought out Mina Havcheck several times.

And Mina Havcheck gave you a rather obscure warning before you were attacked.”

This question was a trap-answer slightly incorrectly, and his words could easily be misconstrued.

Link opened his mouth, ready to answer for Jasmine.

The old man’s eyes flickered, glancing at Link out of the corner of his eye. Suddenly, a pressure as heavy as a mountain fell upon Link, overwhelming him and leaving him almost unable to breathe, let alone speak. Jasmine, completely oblivious to Link’s situation, thought for a while before calmly replying, “I don’t know what happened between Mina Havcheck and Erick Burnalis, nor do I knowwhatMina Havcheck was thinking. Butin terms of the result, I’m quite grateful to her for warning me, even if the warning was rather obscure.”


Upon hearing this, a slight, almost imperceptible smile finally appeared on the old man’s face, and he released his suppression on Link.

He waved his hand and suddenly read out the judgment of the investigation in a serious tone, “Upon investigation, Link Grande, for his own protection, unintentionally injured Erick Burnalis during the process of legitimate self-defense.

The cause of Erick Burnalis’ death was due to the recurrence of old injuries. Therefore, Link Grande is given the judgment of innocence..”

Becoming a Wizard by Starting From the Mind Closure Technique



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