Becoming a Wizard by Starting From the Mind Closure Technique

Chapter 55

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Chapter 55: Chapter 55 Practise—1

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The seventh floor of the Experimental Building.

Link swiped his ID card to secure a room.

The battlefield setting was simulating different arrow-shaped witchcrafts being shot from various angles at varying speeds.

Scattered or simultaneous, completely random with no pattern.

“I’ll go first!”

Jasmine couldn’t wait to try and blurted out.

That’s just as well.

Link had no objections, retreated to the spectator’s spot to yield the first practice opportunity.

jasmine gently tapped her boots, tightened the bracelet on her left wrist, prepared herself, and called out in a crisp voice: “Begin.”

As soon as the words dropped, the onslaught initiated.


Five wizardry arrows of water, gold, and wood sprung out from five different angles, with varying degrees of timing and speed, all aimed towards Jasmine.

Fortunately, Jasmine was well prepared, responsive, and had some basic training in physical maneuvers, thus she started running swiftly as soon as she gave the signal.

This allowed her to dodge two of the arrows.

However, three arrows still had her covered.

As the old saying goes – easier said than done, jasmine squatted down low, flexed her ankles, and activated her floating boots

– the same model as Link’s underfoot – to accelerate and shoot forward.

Another two arrows missed their target.

Yet, the last arrow was too close to dodge.

jasmine decided not to escape, instead, she lifted her left arm, activated the charm function of the bracelet, and conjured an Air Shield!

This was quite a niche defense enchantment effect, which highly compressed and shaped the air to hinder attacks.

While its strength surpasses the Water Shield Spell significantly, the drawback is its short duration as the compressed air easily disperses.

On the other hand, it can fend off various types of attacks which makes it difficult to exploit.

The high-speed arrow collided and rubbed against the dense wall of compressed air, even sparking a few times.

As expected, the Air Shield prevailed and the arrow fell to the ground. However, just as Jasmine heaved a sigh of relief, the second wave of attack arrived.

A silent Metallic Hidden Arrow stealthily approached from behind, aiming directly at Jasmine’s back.

jasmine’s intuition sensed the danger, and in the nick of time, she activated the final piece of her Rune Objects, also the most expensive one.

The necklace worn around her delicate neck emitted a streak of blue light that quickly expanded and solidified into a bowl-shaped radiant dome around Jasmine, who was kneeling on the ground.

The hidden arrow broke upon contact with the dome.

The dome only slightly tremored, sending waves of ripples that dispelled the

attack, leaving it strong and intact.


jasmine halted the imminent third wave of attack, her voice tinged with a slight hint of grievance and remorse.

She had never expected herself to fare this poorly, even after using all three

Rune Objects.

It was somewhat acceptable to fail to dodge the first wave of attacks since she failed to efficiently activate the boots.

She should have activated them right from the start.

However, when she barely sensed the surprise attack of the second wave’s hidden arrow and was almost hit, she was left with no choice but to hastily use the life-saving necklace.

Even if the radiant dome was strong and its defensive capabilities were impressive, capable of withstanding the third wave of attack.

What about the fourth wave, or the fifth wave?

From this, it is evident that Jasmine’s understanding of battling tactics was

rather lacking.

jasmine herself realized this and then decided to cease the combat exercise. She needed to take a break, to summarize her lessons in order to conduct targeted training.

“It’s okay, take your time. No one is born a fighter.

After pondering for a while, Link decided to comfort her with these words. Unfortunately, Jasmine got even more upset instead of being thankful. She retorted immediately, “You’ve never trained it, but you could counter-kill Erick!”


Link was taken aback.

He thought to himself, I took advantage when he was vulnerable, and my performance was rather lackluster. There were so many problems.

But Link really couldn’t explain without seeming to be self-congratulatory.

He then said, “You rest first, it’s my turn now.”


Jasmine pursed her lips, her small face frowning, and she snarled at Link, “Fine, you try! Let’s see how capable you are!”

A man should avoid quarreling with a woman.

Link shrugged his shoulders, without responding.

After resetting the attack mode, Link stood in the middle of the combat area. Facing the impending attack, he shouted, “Begin.

As his words fell, a circular water flow formed a water shield in front of Link, and then it began to move around him.

This was the adaptation when the Water Shield Spell reached mastery level. With controls guided by the mind, it could be relocated at any time, providing even better defense.

In fact, by using the Pseudo Destiny Technique, Link could maintain three water shields at the same time, greatly increasing his defensive power.

But with Jasmine present, Link still had to hold back a little.

Their relationship had indeed grown through this period of interaction. But it was far from a level where they could entrust their lives to each other. Link’s life-saving trump card, he decided not to reveal too much.

What Link wanted to practice now was another use of the Water Shield Spell developed based on the Pseudo Destiny Witchcraft.

The first wave of attacks came swiftly.

Four arrows, three in front, one in the back.

The three at the front were in a pyramid formation, and the one at the back was much less conspicuous, and more insidious.

Upon seeing this, Link’s eyes narrowed and he made a decision


The water shield proactively intercepted the arrows.

Before the arrows and water shield made contact, another water shield appeared in front of Link. It swiftly followed suit, meeting the onslaught of arrows.

The four arrows collided with two water shields, one after the other. The force was depleted by the water flow, and they eventually fell to the ground powerless.

Both water shields had four big holes punched through and could no longer be used.

Link simply dispersed them, and before the second wave of attacks began, he summoned another water shield to protect his front.

The second wave of attacks saw arrows shooting from both left and right.

If a single water shield couldn’t be split to defend, then…

Link again summoned another water shield.

In short, as long as Link had enough spiritual power, he could constantly “store” two Water Shield Spell blueprints in the lake beneath his Sea of Consciousness, replenishing as he used, in an unceasing flow.

What this looked like was a seamless, silky transition of one water shield following after another.

So, with just the o-ring spell, the Water Shield Spell, Link withstood six volleys of arrows attacks without even moving a step.

Jasmine was dumbfounded by the side.

When the six volleys of attacks had all descended and practice was over, jasmine immediately gasped, “Link, what kind of magic is this? It’s so cool, and so powerful.”

While recalling his previous experience, Link explained, “It’s the Water Shield Spell. But what’s powerful isn’t the magic, but how I used it. Unfortunately, I can only use this method, I can’t teach it.”


Jasmine’s zeal was dashed in an instant. She replied feebly and downcast, looking pitiful.

Link ignored Jasmine’s theatrical performance.

He wasn’t cheating Jasmine. He was indeed only able to use it but unable to teach it.

Even if he could find another Krypton Card Drawing System, it wouldn’t guarantee that he’d first draw the “Mind Closure Technique”, then draw “Philius Flitwick’s Talent for Spellcasting”, would it?

Link had nothing to hide, therefore his conscience was clear..

Becoming a Wizard by Starting From the Mind Closure Technique



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