Becoming a Wizard by Starting From the Mind Closure Technique

Chapter 66

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Chapter 66: Chapter 66 Shopping, Thoughts, and

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What to do when you have money?

Of course, buy, buy, buy!

Returning to his dormitory, Link took the magic stones out of his mailbox and stashed most of them in his study.

Then he didn’t stay in his dormitory for long and immediately went to the service building with several magic stones.

He bought a set of casual clothes and formal attire that he had long set his eyes on, including upper body coats and lower body trousers.

Both the casual outfit and formal clothes are Rune Objects, forming a matching set, with a defensive effect close to the peak of Zero Ring defense witchcraft’s defensive power.

The effect is outstanding, the price is not cheap, the two sets cost a total of thirty-six magic stones.

At this point, the defense system formed by the magic tools and Rune Objects

on Link has basically taken shape.

In addition to several uses of the Water Shield Spell, Link’s defense power was among the top among Wizard Apprentices.

Below the level of an official wizard, only a few peak third-class wizard apprentices possess the ability to break Link’s defense.

He avoids bragging about his dominance in the southern district of the Junior

Division. That would be too smug.

Setting such a grandstanding flag could invite disaster.

However, against any Storm Sea New Blood, including those in their third or fourth year, Link would not back down.

With his personal safety basically assured, who would he fear? Meanwhile, Jasmine showed Link by her actions what it meant to follow suit.

A first ring-level magic tool ladies’ top, similar to the vest that Link is wearing, priced at 35 magic stones?

Bought with a single wave of her hand!

The same style of women’s casual and formal clothes, bought!

The same style of women’s cloak, bought!

The same model but fully upgraded spell-breaking sleeve crossbow, bought! Self-Destructing Fire Thunder, Anti-magic net gun, Incendiary Bomb, all bought!

In short, there is only one principle, anything that Link carefully selected among magic tools and Rune Objects, Jasmine would blindly follow.

This includes the first-ring level magic tool glasses that Link wore on the bridge of his nose, worth 2 Academic Points, right?

Jasmine generously spent the 2 Academic Points that had just been allocated to her, leaving not a single point behind.

She was determined to attach herself to Link, like a pendant hanging off him.

Seeing this, Link said nothing and didn’t stop her.

Just let it be.

Returning from the service building to his dormitory, Link thought through his eight zero ring witchcraft spells, and felt like he needed one or two more attack spells.

Both the water and wood zero ring witchcraft spells in the Witchcraft Trade Center fall short in terms of attack attributes, none of them didn’t catch Link’s fancy.

Link believed that the school definitely had high-power attack type zero ring witchcraft, they just hadn’t offered them for the apprentices to redeem.

The school did this for good reasons.

Bearing sharp weapons triggers the desire to kill.

The minds of twelve to sixteen-year-old new blood are not yet mature, and their values are not fully formed. They are prone to conflicts and disputes.

Brawling at the drop of a hat is a common occurrence.

If these new blood learned high-power attack type zero-ring witchcraft, wouldn’t that just increase the occurrence of bloody conflicts and even fatal incidents?

What, you ask?

You’re asking about magic tools and Rune Objects?

How many of the Storm Sea New Blood can make as much money as Link, arming themselves crazily.

The magic stones they brought with them couldn’t support such consumption. For example, Jasmine, the only daughter of a baron family, only has a flying knife as a Rune Object and ten standard level one magic stones.

New noble blood richer than Jasmine, even if they are richer, they won t be much richer.

Moreover, the academy didn’t sell attack Magic Tools, and the attack Rune Items sold there were mostly disposable.

Given their scarcity and high cost to replace, the New Bloods naturally treasured them and didn’t waste them recklessly.

This precautionary approach, coupled with the deployment of Intelligent Law Enforcement Puppets across the campus, essentially stemmed the occurrence of violent incidents.

It also led Link to his current predicament.

He had Magic Stones, but not the Magic Blueprint Scrolls he wanted to exchange for them.

An idea came to Link’s mind: to look for Magic Blueprint Scrolls beyond the academy walls-in bookshops, scroll stores, or even Black Market. Where there are people, there’s Jianghu; where there’s Jianghu, there’s a Black Market.

All sorts of undercover dealings such as fencing stolen goods, information trade, mercenary work, happened countless times daily in the Black Market.

It was said that the Black Market frequently sold powerful Magic Blueprint Scrolls, which weren’t recorded by the academy’s system.

The academy is located in the Mitchell District of the Tudor region in the Mainland West Coast, Ravensmouth Special Area.

After leaving the academy, within a 10-minute drive via “bus” or “railway”, you could reach Ravensmouth City-the only big city in the Ravensmouth Special Area.

The city was divided into five districts: East, South, West, North, and Central. The West District served as a logistical base, equipped with two “Aircraft” airports, three “Railway Train” stations, three “Bus” stations, and six “Truck” stops.

The Black Market was located in the West District.

This information could be found on the academy’s “Forum”.

The position of the academy was clear.

Inside the campus, the school would ensure the safety of the Apprentices. But if the Apprentices chose to court danger beyond the campus, it wouldn’t interfere.

After all, even if an Apprentice died outside the academy, as long as their corpse was not completely destroyed, the academy could recover its invested resources by various methods.

Ravensmouth City, as its name suggested, belonged to the academy. Or more precisely, to the Great Sage Rewo and Great Sage Seuss. How many would dare to go against the unwritten rules set by the academy?

Though every year many Apprentices died in the West District, their corpses were rarely destroyed, and were eventually reclaimed by the academy.

After experiencing a sudden increase in power, Link’s ambition grew wild-he even considered going to the Black Market.

Was it a place you could just wander into casually?

“I lost it, I really lost it!”

Link immediately reflected on his impulsiveness and quelled his restless mind by practicing the Mind Closure Technique.

Even if he wanted to explore the outside world, he didn’t need to rush or head straight to the Black Market.

The autumn semester only had four weeks left.

After the final exams and the commencement of the vacation, he could prepare adequately before starting this adventure.

Having decided on his course of action, Link stopped his wild fantasies and entered Deep Meditation with a peace of mind.

After regaining his calm, Link continued his routine of studying, practicing, experimenting, and meditating-monotonous yet disciplined.

Everything else was fine, even as the ongoing speculation and controversy were rekindled on the “Forum”.

The only thing that troubled Link was the difficulty he encountered in his research.

There was no issue with seed germination, cultivation, or leaf extraction. These were basic lab operations, supported by some spells.

However, he encountered problems in determining which component of the extract was providing the calming effect, improving this effect, developing mature products.

These issues, which involve Pharmacology and Principles and Development of Potions, gave Link a headache.

He had not been exposed to such knowledge in his previous life and lacked a frame of reference.

The current curriculum only touched upon Pharmacology and Potion development briefly in “Botany”.

The three specific courses, “Pharmacology”, “Principles and Development of Pharmacy”, and “Alchemy Pharmacy”, wouldn’t be available until the autumn term in Year 3.

That meant, in his strategic shift, Link might have bitten off more than he could chew.

Now, he was struggling to find his footing, even in shallow waters..

Becoming a Wizard by Starting From the Mind Closure Technique



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