Becoming a Wizard by Starting From the Mind Closure Technique

Chapter 89

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Chapter 89: Chapter 88: Armed_1

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Wizard Palo was extremely efficient.

The two “papers” were published overnight, and patent records, applications and transfers were all in place.

The following morning, Link received the relevant agreements from Serene Wizard.

What was there to hesitate about?

Just sign and it’s done.

Link readily signed and selected the ‘buy-out’ option for transfer, receiving 850 first-grade magic stones at once!

Seeing Link’s choice, Jasmine also wanted to select the buy-out option.

Link stopped Jasmine, suggesting she opt for the ‘half buy-out + revenue sharing’ scheme, thus covering both the present and the future.

Link kept some of his thoughts to himself, not telling anyone, including Jasmine.

He had a strong intuition that Wizard Palo would soon ask him to fulfill his promise to do two feasible things within four years.

This intuition didn’t come out of nowhere.

It was entirely traceable!

Firstly, when Wizard Palo chose to invest in Link, it was primarily due to the impression he gained during the ‘paper’ inquiry, and due to Link’s first place in the mid-term exam.

His investment was a six-month usage right to a laboratory, focusing on fostering Link’s research talents;

Then, for a long time, Wizard Palo didn’t summon Link again,

When Link reported the result of the Silver Star Flower hybrid breeding and asked Wizard Palo for his approval, Palo offered a pointed suggestion,

This indicated Palo’s high esteem of Link and showed that he had investigated Link’s actions and experiences after he entered the school, understanding Link’s aggressive behavior hidden beneath his mild-mannered surface,

Moreover, on the first day of vacation, not long after Link killed Harold Andrews, Wizard Palo had already received the news.

Killing Erick Burnalis could be explained as taking advantage of his weakness from injuries, but killing Harold Andrews unscathed showcased that Link’s power was far superior to any first-rank wizard apprentice,

Link had reason to suspect that Wizard Palo’s certain relationship to the Academy’s Law Enforcement Department might have contributed to their quick disinterest in investigating the case,

Perhaps Palo valued Link’s prowess in battle through those two fights.

Finally, with the Glasswort Aromatherapy Essential Oil, Palo could suggest a thing or two and let Link continue his research and development,

That would be what an investor should do, considering long-term interests by expecting long-term benefits in the future,

However, instead, Wizard Palo suggested that Link ask Serene Wizard for a partnership in development.

Once Serene Wizard took over, it was not a partnership in development anymore, but more like a university professor taking some time to solve a high school student’s hard question, breaking it down explaining it to the student.

Not only that, but Wizard Palo and Serene Wizard were also willing to offer a high “return” for development.

They grant both fame and substantial financial benefits.

Given these circumstances, Link couldn’t help but wonder if Wizard Palo had recent tasks for him.

That’s why, by circumventing convention, he provided Link with a reasonable opportunity and the right opportunity to own a large amount of magic stones in a short amount of time.

What kind of situation would require spending so many magic stones?

Link had a rough guess at the answer without much thinking,

And if he guessed wrong, wouldn’t that be even better?

Anyway, keeping calm externally, Link went about his day as usual.

He went to work as normal, pre-processing the plants and herbs segmented by the intelligent puppet, and reading at the East District Public Library in the afternoon.

Returning to the academy in the evening, he also went to the library after dinner as usual.

It wasn’t until the next day.

Upon arriving at the potion store, Link signaled to Jasmine to go and change clothes.

He went up to the Serene Wizard and placed a box holding a thousand standard first level Magic Stones, each the size of a dice, on the counter.

Then with sincerity in his voice, he asked, “Serene Wizard, I am sorry to impose on you, but I’d like to purchase a ‘Defender 3202’ suit, but it’s not suitable for me to enter the North City District. May I trouble you to buy it on my behalf?”

Amongst the first Ring level Magic Tools, the glasses are higher by two small notches compared to a vest.

The ‘Defender 3202’ suit surpasses the glasses by several notches, reaching the ceiling level of a first Ring Magic Tool.

This suit comprises of boots, underwear, trousers, belt, shirt, jacket, and cloak.

Each piece, if taken out separately, is on par with the glasses that are redeemed with two “Academic Points”.

The boots can produce effects equivalent to first Ring movement witchcraft such as acceleration, levitation, and rising.

The underwear, trousers, shirt, and jacket can each individually withstand one to three attacks of first Ring witchcraft.

The cloak can achieve long term gravity elimination for floating and gliding, along with some arrow avoiding protection features.

The belt allows for carrying more items, decreasing the burden without affecting movement,

Combining all seven items, the suit can deflect no less than twenty attacks of first Ring witchcraft.

The style of the suit is very common and unassuming, a must-have for home travel, killing and arson.

Amongst its many advantages, the only “flaw” is its high price and low production count.

In Ravensmouth City, there are only two places to buy it, one is the Black Market, the other is the North City District.

Link could never dare to go to the Black Market to buy the ‘Defender 3202’ suit, fearing that as soon as he stepped out, someone would cut him down out of jealousy.

Just a Wizard Apprentice daring to extravagantly spend 600 Magic Stones in the Black Market with no Official wizard accompanying him, isn’t that seeking death?

Although entry to the North City District is difficult and the Magic Tools Exclusive Store prices are 200 Magic Stones pricier than the Black Market

It is not only safe, with no hidden aftermaths, but also free of the bad practice of selling second-hand goods as new.

This also supports genuine products in real actions!

Why ask the Serene Wizard and not Wizard Palo?

This is called a tactical detour.

In case Link has misunderstood, it won’t be awkward.

But if Link is correct, it could leave a good impression of being sensible and capable in both Wizard Palo and the Serene Wizard’s hearts.

Serene Wizard extended her right hand, her straight and rounded index finger gently lifted the box lid, with a smile at her lips, she said, “You brought 1000 standard first level Magic Stones, buying the ‘Defender 3202’ suit only needs 800, what do you plan to do with the leftover 200?”

Link had a plan early on, replying, “Please Serene Wizard, help me pick a few Attack Magic Tools.”

“Little fellow, you are quite wily.”

Serene Wizard lightly glanced at Link, her eyes emitted a myriad of charms, teasing, “You’ve even set your sights on me.”

“Link wouldn’t dare.”

Bowing his head to avoid the momentarily blossoming charming air and extraordinary allure, Link ran the “Mind Closure Technique” at full force, firmly guarded his Dao heart, answering solemnly.

He indeed had a bit of an exploratory intention and also contrary thought of borrowing the Serene Wizard’s experience and discernment.

As for the rest, Link didn’t want to die yet!

Really thought the “Mind Closure Technique” was omnipotent?

Thoughts like malice and lewdness, could not be sensed by a capable and sophisticated Wizard?

Link armed himself in advance, regardless whether his premonition was correct or not.

This amount of Magic Stones spent wouldn’t be a loss!

Becoming a Wizard by Starting From the Mind Closure Technique



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