Becoming a Wizard by Starting From the Mind Closure Technique

Chapter 9

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9 9 Days Enrollment (Part 2)_1
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Some women have spot-on intuition.

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Without knowing exactly why, Jasmine Kidman sensed something distinct about Link, different not just from the Jimny siblings, and not just from herself either, but different from all the New Bloods she’d ever come across.

So she instinctively began to pay attention to Link’s ideas. When she heard that Link too had chosen Ravensmouth, she didn’t hesitate further to make up her mind.

She was more than happy to tie herself closer to Link in the face of an unfamiliar world, especially when she needed to give up hardly anything in return.

All she had to do was drop some ambiguous hints of affections, without any real sacrifice on her part. It would be all gains and no losses; why wouldn’t she want that?

Thus, she had tried out on Link some courtship techniques she formerly observed from a few aristocrat ladies.

Methods like reaching for his hand, acting cute and playful, and deliberately showing her delicate side…

And Link’s immediate reaction indicated that he understood the hints she was dropping.

However, he neither responded nor rejected her, treating her hints as if they were non-existent, all the while unconsciously revealing his respect and care for her through his words and actions.

What on earth was going on?

Therefore, she was somewhat upset during their search for the compartment, clearly annoyed.

Am I not beautiful? Am I not cute?

Why the cold shoulder?

The more she thought about it, the angrier she became.

Thus, after settling down, Jasmine decided to just be straightforward. If she had a doubt, she’d ask.

She became even more upset when she got a sincere and logically consistent answer from Link.


After glaring at Link for a bit, Jasmine crinkled her nose, pouted, grumbled, turned her head away, and gave Link the cold shoulder.

You’re insincere, so I don’t want to bother with you anymore!

Link was left in the dark, unsure as to what had just transpired.

But Link was more than happy with the peace and quiet.

With nothing else to do, he searched through the small secret compartment on the right side of his seat, and indeed, he found something valuable: a handheld terminal that resembled a flat panel.

He reached out to grab the terminal, but was unable to lift it.

Looking down, he noticed a palm-sized glass screen under the compartment; upon placing his newly obtained document on it, he found…

…It worked!

The glass screen emitted a blue light as it scanned the document.

The handheld terminal immediately made a click sound beneath it, now ready to be moved.

The display turned on at the same time, lighting up faintly.

Link retrieved his documents and picked up the handheld terminal. Before he could play around with it, a preloaded video started playing automatically.

“1763 years ago, level six wizards Rivo Sage and Soth Sage responded to the call from the five Saints of the Wizard World. In order to promote the great rejuvenation of the Wizard World, they jointly established the Ravensmouth Biological and Medical College.”

“Since its establishment, the college has trained numerous excellent wizards, achieved several major accomplishments, launched multiple expeditions and eventually claimed victory…”

Jasmine heard the noise and quickly turned around. She stared at the handheld terminal in Link’s hand that was currently playing the video, her eyes sparkling, “What’s this? I want one too!”

Link found Jasmine’s behavior increasingly strange but also increasingly similar to that of a normal girl instead of an aloof aristocratic young lady. He didn’t dislike the change.

He pointed at the glass screen of the secret compartment to the left of Jasmine’s seat and said, “Place the document you received onto it, wait for a click sound, and then you can take the tablet out.”


Jasmine murmured to herself while fishing out her document.


Link thought over his phrasing and made a remedial explanation, “I’m not sure what it’s really called, but it seems like a flat piece of wood, so I called it that.”

“I see,” Jasmine replied, doubtfully, but didn’t continue asking. Once she removed her tablet, she was immediately captivated by the video playing on it.

The video, which lasted nearly half an hour, briefly introduced the origin, development, current status, and achievements of Ravensmouth Biological and Medical College. It also showcased partial architecture, natural environment, and overall layout of the college.

Particularly, five groups of buildings were featured.

The residential building group, the academic building group, the experimental building group, the life services building group, and the library building group.

After the video ended, a lengthy notification popped up on the screen.

“New Blood Link Grande from the Stormy Sea Keeter Islands, congratulations to you for having the courage to explore and try, which led you to discover and unlock this personal smart device.”

“As a reward for your courageous exploration and active attempts, this personal smart device is now presented to you.”

“It has been bound to your personal identity document, physical information, and is only operable by you. You do not need to worry about personal privacy and information security.”

“Through this device, you can connect to the college’s interactive network to access information, make friends, communicate, and many other things on the net…”

All school activity notifications will also be sent to this device.”

“This device is diverse in functionality. We hope you can maximize its usage for the benefit of your learning and life.”


Closing out the notification finally revealed the tablet’s simple user interface.

Apart from the college’s “official website” represented by the badge icon, no other “apps” were installed on the “tablet.”

“How do I use this?” Jasmine asked. She had also finished reading the notification, but after clicking several times on the “tablet” screen and not getting any response, she turned around and asked Link.

“I’m not sure either.”

Link casually replied. Fumbling around, he found the “power” button, locked the “tablet,” and carefully laid it inside his bag.

Jasmine frowned slightly, visibly skeptical. But she didn’t press him further for answers. Instead, she kept on trying to figure out the tablet, with a determination to unearth more features.

In fact, if Link had put a little more effort into exploring, he would have definitely discovered a few features.

But Jasmine’s previous probing and her shift in attitude toward him had served as a silent warning for Link.

He had built the Hall of Mind using the “Mind Closure Technique” and hid his memory that didn’t reveal his transmigrator identity, which significantly lowered his guard.

As a result, even Jasmine Kidman noticed how he was different from his origins.

The breach in a dam lies in the ant’s nest.

Everything seemed fine at the moment, but what about the future?

Therefore, Link, while Jasmine indulged in “playing” with the tablet, closed his eyes and reclined on the seat. He activated the “Mind Closure Technique”, entered his Hall of Mind, reviewed his own words and behaviors of the past few days, especially those of today, and reflected on himself.

The compartment quieted down, immersed in a peaceful atmosphere.

A young man and a young woman, each minding their own business, not disturbing one another, waited for the New Blood recruitment by the Wizard Organization to conclude and for the airliner to take flight, setting course for the ultimate destination, journeying to a new life.

A new chapter of life was about to begin.

Becoming a Wizard by Starting From the Mind Closure Technique



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