Destined with You

Chapter 228

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Chapter 228: Chapter 233: Arrival by Plane

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After Ye Qi finished speaking, he immediately hung up the phone. A smile crept onto Gu Qingxin’s face. Despite his cold exterior, Ye Qi was an incredibly considerate person.

Gu Qingxin headed towards the school gate’s left side. She could see Ye Qi’s car parked under a tree far away. She walked briskly towards it, but in her haste, she did not notice an electric bike coming at her at lightning speed, and was hit.

There was a loud “bang!” Gu Qingxin felt her world spin before she tumbled onto the ground, her backpack falling along with her.

Ye Qi, though he did not leave his car, was watching her the entire time. He had noticed her the moment she appeared. He wanted to avoid drawing attention to her, so he stayed put. He was forced to watch helplessly as Gu Qingxin was knocked to the ground.

A sharp pain radiated from Gu Qingxin’s leg. She was in agony, sprawled on the ground. Looking at her hands, she saw both were scraped and bleeding.

Gu Qingxin broke into tears, the pain overwhelming her. It was like she had been in a run of bad luck recently, with one injury after another. Looking at her leg, she realized a piece of metal must have cut her, for there was a pool of blood on the ground.

“What’s wrong with you? Can’t you watch where you’re going? Why were you running? Did you see a ghost or something?” The man on the electric bike, who had also fallen over, berated her angrily.

Ye Qi suddenly grabbed the man by his collar and flung him to the side. His handsome face was etched with worry. Ignoring the man, he knelt down to examine Gu Qingxin’s injuries.

“Ye Qi.” Gu Qingxin was in so much pain that she was sweating.

Ye Qi quickly helped her sit up. Seeing that the fresh blood from her leg was still oozing out, he quickly took off his shirt and used it to bandage her wound.

The man on the electric bike had been flung to the ground. Groaning in pain, he stood up ready to hurl out more abuse but was stunned into silence by Ye Qi’s intimidating presence.

Having staunched her bleeding, Ye Qi was ready to leave with Gu Qingxin. As she endured her pain, she said, “Wait.”

Ye Qi stopped in his tracks, looking at her quizzically. Gu Qingxin frowned at the man on the electric bike and asked, “Are you alright?”

She knew she was to blame, having rushed out without checking for oncoming traffic.

“I’m fine. I’m fine.” The man hastily shook his head. He felt a twinge of guilt for the young lady who had shown concern for him, even after he had berated her. In truth, he knew he was also to blame for riding too fast. If he had been going slower, this accident could have been avoided.

Seeing this, Ye Qi no longer hesitated, picked up Gu Qingxin, and got in the car.

At the hospital.

Bai Jingqing received a call from Beiming Han and rushed to the emergency room right away. Seeing Gu Qingxin lying in the hospital bed, he hurried towards her, “What happened? How did you get hurt again?”

Gu Qingxin could only sigh heavily.

Getting into accidents and ending up in the hospital seemed to be her destiny recently.

“An electric bike hit her. She has a wound on her leg and bruises on her hand and arm,” Ye Qi said, his face impassive.

Just as Bai Jingqing was about to examine Gu Qingxin’s wounds, footsteps could be heard from the corridor. In came Beiming Han, his face a stormy expression.

“Big brother, how are…you so…fast!” Bai Jingqing looked at Beiming Han in astonishment. How much time had passed, was he flying?

Bai Jingqing’s guess was spot on. Beiming Han had indeed arrived by plane. When he got the call from Ye Qi informing him about Gu Qingxin’s accident, Beiming Han was on an island outside Ming City. The moment he heard that she had been injured, he flew back as fast as he could….

Destined with You



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