Eternal Sacred King

Chapter 3047

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Chapter 3047: Extermination

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“Leave quickly! Use the teleportation formation over there to head to Illumination Dragon Star right away!”

Long Feng could not take care of Su Zimo’s group of four and merely hollered as he took out a messenger talisman from his storage bag, tearing it instantly. Thereafter, he soared into the air without looking back and transformed into a gigantic Dragon body that was ten thousand feet long, standing horizontally above Feng City.

Flames had already ignited on Long Feng’s Dragon body. The flames illuminated the starry skies and woke up countless Dragons in Feng City.

More than ten cracks appeared in the starry skies above Feng City and figures with powerful auras walked out-they were Grotto-heaven Kings!

Among them, four were peak Kings!

Immediately after the Kings, gigantic spirit vessels and ships appeared one after another. One could clearly see countless figures standing on them.

The experts on the spirit vessels were led by Perfected Spirits and most of the rest were living beings of the Earth and Heaven Essence realms.

After the battle broke out, the battlefield between Grotto-heaven Kings would be in the starry skies and the Perfected Spirits on the spirit vessels and ships would take the opportunity to charge into Feng City!


When Long Li saw that, her face turned pale as she murmured softly, “How could so many people kill their way here in silence with the existence of the Coiling Dragon Formation?”

“Could there be a problem with the Coiling Dragon Formation?”

“Long Feng!”

In the starry skies, the peak King in the lead wore a black robe and his face was abnormally pale. His lips were purple and green as he declared, “Today is the day you die!”

“You’re way too naive to think that you can take down Feng City with your ten- odd Kings!”

Long Feng was not afraid at all. He faced the ten-odd Kings alone in the starry skies and was not at a disadvantage.


Right then, a loud bang suddenly sounded from the east of Feng City, causing the entire ancient city to tremble continuously, as though it had touched the foundation of Feng City!

“This is bad!”

Long Li seemed to have realized something and exclaimed, “That’s the location of the teleportation formation!”

Illumination Dragon Star and the ten Dragon Cities were connected by teleportation formations.

Even if something happened to a city, they could use teleportation formations to move the Dragon race quickly.

But now, before Feng City was even destroyed, something happened to the teleportation formation!

“How could this be?”

Long Ran’s expression was grim as he said in a deep voice, “Feng City has yet to be destroyed. Why was the teleportation formation in the city destroyed?” Right now, the other party’s army was still confronting Long Feng outside the city but the teleportation formation in the city was destroyed!

“It was done by an expert of the Tomb World.”

Su Zimo said slowly.

“That explains everything.”

Monkey had a look of realization. “I heard some strange sounds earlier on.

They came from beneath Feng City.”

The expert of the Tomb World dug through Feng City from the depths of the ground and appeared, destroying the teleportation formation!

Su Zimo released his spirit consciousness and could already sense that the expert from the Tomb World who came out of the teleportation formation was also a Grotto-heaven King.

The army in the starry skies was clearly led by the experts of the Tomb World.

Three of the four peak Kings were Kings of the Tomb World!

Apart from a few Grotto-heaven Kings from the Tomb World, there were also some from middle worlds and lesser worlds.

When Long Feng, who was in midair, sensed that the teleportation formation was destroyed, his heart sank and the anger in his eyes intensified.

The other party had clearly come prepared.

Furthermore, they were going to exterminate the Dragon race in Feng City!

“No one in Feng City shall be spared today!”

The peak King in the lead waved his hand with a murderous aura.

“Shi Yuan, how dare you!”

Long Feng roared angrily and waved his gigantic Dragon body. Carrying wind, clouds and flames, he charged towards the ten-odd Grotto-heaven Kings opposite him with a torrential aura.


Naturally, the three peak Kings of the Tomb World did not dare to fight him in melee combat. Instead, they took out three gigantic coffins from their storage bags and lifted the lids to release the Battle Corpses refined and reared inside!


Two Battle Corpses covered in long white fur bared their teeth and glared with bulging and bloodshot eyes, revealing two pairs of sharp fangs as they roared at Long Feng!

As for the third coffin, it was more than ten thousand feet long!

After the coffin hd was lifted, a gigantic Dragon corpse crawled out. Its Dragon Scales were covered in green light and it emitted a stench. A fishy wind surrounded it as it roared at Long Feng.

When he saw that, Long Feng’s heart was filled with sorrow as he said hatefully, “You bastards of the Tomb World actually refined our Dragon race into Battle Corpses. All of you should go to hell!”


Long Feng collided with the Dragon corpse with a loud bang.

In reality, the cultivators of the Tomb World were humans. Most of them had weak physiques and ordinary bloodlines and could not fight against the Dragon race head-on.

However, through the secret skill of the Tomb World, they could refine the corpses of the living beings of the ten thousand races and control them to help them fight.

For people of the Tomb World, their combat strength would increase by several times instantly after obtaining a superior-class corpse!

For example, King Shi Yuan could not defeat Long Feng in melee combat at all.

However, with this Dragon corpse, he could fight Long Feng in melee combat and not be at a disadvantage.

Su Zimo frowned and asked, “There’s only one Dragon King in Feng City?” Long Li said, “Under normal circumstances, it’s enough for a single Dragon King to preside over the place. If anything happens, he’ll send a message back immediately. When Illumination Dragon Star receives the news, more Kings will definitely come to support.”

Long Feng had indeed torn a messenger talisman the moment he sensed that a powerful enemy was attacking.

Su Zimo said, “Kings can tear through the void. It should be about time for them to arrive from Illumination Dragon Star.”

Long Li observed the starry skies outside continuously as well, clenching her fists with a nervous expression.

However, the distant starry skies were calm.

Long Li had a worried expression and said with a trembling voice, “Could something have happened to Illumination Dragon Star as well? If no Dragon Kings come and support, City Lord Long Feng might not be able to defeat them…”

Long Li did not dare to think further.

Once Long Feng was defeated and died, hundreds of thousands of Dragons in Feng City would die here!

No one would be spared, including her.

The King of the Tomb World on the teleportation formation had already led the Perfected Spirits and Heaven Essence realm cultivators on the spirit vessels and ships into Feng City and sped towards the City Lord’s residence!

Long Feng could not escape from the battlefield in midair at all.

Even he was in danger and could not protect himself, let alone save the hundreds of thousands of Dragons in Feng City.

“Brother Su, leave with Long Ran quickly! Run!”

Although Long Li was a supreme Perfected Spirit, she was way too young after afl. She lost her composure when she suddenly encountered such an unforeseen event and her mind was in chaos.

She merely thought that Su Zimo and the others should not be implicated in this battle.

As for her, she was a supreme Perfected Spirit of the Dragon race after all.

No matter what, she could not escape or retreat!

Even against thousands of Perfected Spirit experts and… a supreme King of the Tomb World!

The King of the Tomb World had clearly sensed them and was leading his army over. The appearance of the terrifying Battle Corpse charging at the front was already clearer and incomparably ferocious!

Long Li grit her teeth and took out the Dragon Hom from her storage bag with a determined gaze.

However, against such a ferocious Battle Corpse and the Perfected Spirit army that surged over like a tidal wave, she still felt a sense of fear.

She was not afraid of death.

However, she was afraid that after she died, she would be refined into such an ugly and ferocious Battle Corpse by this group of the Tomb World cultivators like the Dragon King.

Right then, a broad and warm palm landed on her slightly trembling shoulder.

Eternal Sacred King



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