Hyperdimensional Universe: I have Three Thousand Ultimate Talents

Chapter 336

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Chapter 336: Chapter 182: Midnight Incident, Principal Dongfang

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The school rules and various situations within the city were displayed one by one in front of Jiang Ming.

Jiang Ming silently watched.

The school rules were simple: besides the battle platform, no fights were allowed, and one must not damage the school’s facilities and so on.

Upon enrollment, no matter the age, one must be at least in the Fourth Realm and can cultivate a maximum of four years. A realm must be raised every year, or the student will be expelled.

One can graduate at the Eighth Realm.

And so on.

It was all simple.

Each student could choose their own instructor and ask them anything they wanted.

Every 20 students would form a group, which would meet once a month in principle. But within three months, they must gather under the organization of the instructor to enhance their understanding, deepen their feelings and undergo some trials.

There must be an assessment once a year.

Additionally, there were compulsory courses: Starry Sky Alien Race Introduction, Ten Thousand Worlds Poisonology, medicine, mineralogy, biology, geography of ten thousand races’ battlefield, outdoor basic survival, etc.

There were hundreds of compulsory courses in total.

There were course explanations on the school intranet, and one did not need to attend a classroom, but could study at their dwelling. After completing the self­study, they would enter the question bank for assessment, and only meeting a certain score would count as finishing a course.

At least twenty courses must be assessed and passed every year.

Campus map, city map, public facilities, administrative departments, etc.

Jiang Ming memorized everything after reading it once.


The Lost Land outside the city is filled with dense fog, which interferes with sensing, even weakening soul sensing!”


Every midnight, according to human timing, or when the clock strikes twelve, the terrain will silently change. Even if one stands still, they might appear ten thousand miles away.”

Jiang Ming finally understood why it was called the Lost Land.

The terrain changing quietly was like being teleported to another place, along with the sensing-weakening fog, making it aptly named as the Lost Land.

At the same time, he learned that once the World Gate descended on a life­bearing planet and opened, one would first appear in the Lost Land after traveling through it.

That place was also the location connecting to one’s planet. The fog would quietly recede a kilometer away, and the terrain change at midnight would not be affected either.

Cities could be created at the coordinates, and as they expanded, the fog would continually recede but always maintain a distance of one kilometer.

At the same time, within thirty years, the alien races, beasts, demons, and so on of the Lost Land would not invade.

After thirty years, they could only rely on the power of their world for protection. If not, they would be invaded.


Why does it feel like a game!”

Jiang Ming felt uneasy.

Warzone of Ten Thousand Tribes, Myriad Realms City, Lost Land, Ten Thousand Clans, World of Secret Realm, Starry Sky fog, World Gate…

Various thoughts finally were suppressed.

No matter how he guessed, it was of no use to him now.

Sky Martial City was established in a central region bordering the Lost Land, backed by the Lost Land and overlooking Myriad Realms City.

Through some introductions, Jiang Ming knew the difficulty of creating Sky Martial City, as it was a force in the public eye and would inevitably be suppressed by all parties.

However, it now stood firm.


Within the Eighth Realm in the Lost Land, one’s strength will not be suppressed but only have their sensing weakened; upon entering the Lost Land above the Eighth Realm, strength will be significantly limited!”


Within one’s own created city, cultivation level is not affected at all.




What should one do if their hunting trip outside the city takes longer than expected and they can’t return at night?”

As Jiang Ming pondered, he also saw the corresponding content.

No matter how far away one was, they could sense the general location of the World Gate they traveled through.


They rely on the World Gate, which is like a beacon in the darkness!


So, is the World Gate bound to the soul fluctuations?


A sense of inexplicable fear surged in Jiang Ming’s heart.

Is it possible to trace the corresponding World Gate according to this Soul Sensing?”


He soon had an answer.


World Gate, beacon guidance, enemies cannot lock onto it through this guidance, which is a kind of indirect protection regardless of the perspective.


As for how big the Lost Land is?

No one knows.

Because the terrain changes every night and other situations make it complicated, it is even impossible to discern the east, south, west, and north.

Added to the fact that communication signals are greatly disturbed, once one enters deep, they cannot be contacted at all.


So, how to locate Sky Martial City?

Just as expected, he was not disappointed.

There was an answer here, too.

In the Lost Land, one could sense the direction of Myriad Realms City, as it constantly emitted peculiar fluctuations that lifeforms could sense.

It was based on this method that Sky Martial City was founded on a straight line between Xuanhuang City and Myriad Realms City, with the shortest distance between the two points being unable to be measured directly due to the peculiar conditions of the Lost Land.

Whether long or short, the distance is constantly changing.

A human strongman once roughly calculated that, within a certain period, the nearest distance between the two cities was as short as 3,000 kilometers, while the farthest distance was millions of kilometers.


The only constant was that Xuanhuang City, Sky Martial City, and Myriad Realms City were on a straight line. This was also the wisdom of their predecessors; when in the Lost Land, one could return to Xuanhuang City or head to Sky Martial City based on this sensing.

At the same time, after the creation of Sky Martial City, a teleportation channel, similar to the World Gate, was opened between the two cities.

After looking at it for a long time, Jiang Ming closed his computer.

“So, Xuanhuang City could be under the threat of alien or ferocious beast attacks at any time!”

If our strength is not strong enough…

When the base is destroyed, alien invasion through the World Gate spells the end of the world.


In the end, Jiang Ming said these two words.

Behind these words, countless races were enslaved, destroyed, or eaten.

Within the danger, there are endless opportunities!

According to legend, not only will cosmic treasures, spiritual fruits, spiritual beads, Yuan Crystal veins, and precious medicines are born in the Lost Land.

Divine remnants also appear.

Do gods really exist?

According to the introduction, the Twelfth Tier is the limit of realms.

If there are gods, what kind of existence are they? And where would they be?

This place is a corner of the cosmos!”

Cosmic Sea?

Jiang Ming couldn’t help but shake his head and laugh, but at the same time, he sighed that he still felt very weak at the Eighth Realm.

The academy’s rewards are good; try to get them all!

As a place to train geniuses, there must be benefits.

And there are quite a few benefits.

The rewards are significant.

No hurry, no hurry!

Jiang Ming stepped out of the underground secret room and came into the courtyard. He looked up at the sky, and the sunlight was just right, warm and pleasant.

But he knew that in the mist outside the city in the Lost Land, because of the fog barrier, he couldn’t see the sun and the moon, only distinguishing between day and night.

If you can see the sun and the moon, plus Xuanhuang City and Myriad Realms City, you can easily get an approximate location. If there are only two points, it will be difficult.”

Jiang Ming pushed the door and went out.

He just saw Ran Xin leaning against a villa, looking in his direction, which made him slightly surprised. Ran Xin was thrilled to see him and quickly walked up to him, “I thought you wouldn’t come out today?”

Are you waiting for me?”


Why not send a message? Wait a moment, I will add you to the villa’s defense system, and you can visit anytime as long as I don’t close it completely!”

That’s what you said!” Ran Xin was overjoyed, then seriously said, “Jiang Ming, do you feel it? The pressure here is greater, and the rules of Heaven and Earth are more rigid. My Spirit Power has reached the Peak of the Eighth Realm, and I can barely enter the Spiritual Void. But I made a strange discovery – come, follow me into the heart realm first.”

“It’s not too late to enter my yard!” Jiang Ming had an idea, and he nodded.

They returned to the courtyard and closed the door.

As the Spirit Power flowed, the two entered the Realm of Heart directly.

Jiang Ming found it a bit difficult.

Ran Xin found it even more challenging. “It’s much easier to enter the heart realm. Look at the sky above the academy!”

She pointed to the sky.

Here it was still a hazy gray, reflecting the material reality, a vast and desolate landscape.

But there was a barrier above their heads.

That is the Spirit Barrier created by Spirit Power!” Jiang Ming exclaimed, “Located above our heads, stretching in all directions, covering the entire academy. Are there powerful spirit users in the academy?”

Doesn’t that mean that some aliens can traverse the Spiritual Void?” Ran Xin speculated. “Attacking through the heart realm would bring absolute disaster to those who have not mastered the Spirit Path.”

It would be more than just a disaster.

It could even be called a dimensional attack.

They can appear silently behind you at any time or place; it’s terrifying.

With countless aliens and myriad abilities, it is only those we can’t imagine, but nothing is impossible. The Spirit Barrier above the academy is just a glimpse of this.” Jiang Ming sighed slightly. “Go and try touching it.”

Wouldn’t that expose us?” Ran Xin hesitated, “What if there is danger?

Jiang Ming couldn’t help but laugh: “This is obviously a defensive construction for the academy. And the Spirit Power is very high, very strong, far beyond what you or I can compare. If it was an enemy, we humans would have been enslaved long ago, and Blue Star would have been conquered.”

He could clearly see that the Spirit Power was indeed strong.

He floated into the air and soon arrived at the bottom of the defensive barrier.

He released a burst of Spirit Power onto the barrier, causing tiny ripples.

At the next moment, they saw a figure appearing in front of them, white- haired and white-bearded, with a gentle smile on his face.

“Jiang Ming, Ran Xin, ha ha, I didn’t expect that this term would produce two good candidates in the Spirit Path.” The man examined the two of them briefly and then laughed heartily, looking very pleased.

Greetings, Principal Dongfang!” Jiang Ming bowed slightly.

In the academy’s introduction, he had seen the other’s photo. Principal Dongfang was only marked as the principal of Xuanhuang Academy. His first name was unknown.

His first impression was that the other party was very strong, extremely strong, stronger than anyone he had ever seen.

Even Hong Xuanji was far inferior.

But he also felt a sense of unreality.

Ran Xin also hurriedly greeted him and asked without reservation, “Was this constructed by you, sir?”

In fact, she secretly breathed a sigh of relief.

Hyperdimensional Universe: I have Three Thousand Ultimate Talents



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