Hyperdimensional Universe: I have Three Thousand Ultimate Talents

Chapter 339

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Chapter 339: Chapter 184: Ye Bai’s Downfall, The Birth of Beings in the Heart Realm_2

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“It was then that I truly discovered that this mountain peak contains an incredibly mysterious power, which can disrupt space!” Wang Qiutong put down her teacup, sighed, and revealed a bitter smile, “Knowing that it’s not simple, we also knew we were in big trouble, but we couldn’t just not find Ye Bai, so we continued on our journey, which turned out to be horrifying.”

On the Nameless Mountain peak, the two of them walked cautiously.

Fortunately, she had a pair of magical eyes that could see through many invisible traps, avoiding many attacks.

Her nose picked up the smell of stench, and soon after, they saw a river in front of them to the left, its water black as ink and exuding a foul smell.

Taking a breath, it made people feel dizzy.

The aquatic plants in the river were also exceptionally bizarre, either black or gray in color. A tree grew on the bank next to them.

Just one glance at the tree made Wang Qiutong and Liu Ruyan’s hearts jump.

This tree was only about three meters tall, had no leaves, but only twisted branches. It was black with blood-red patterns resembling veins.

On it hung numerous skulls and drifting facial skins.

It was as bizarre as it could get.

Wang Qiutong could see more with her magical eyes. To her, the tree was enveloped in an extremely thick black fog, very evil in nature.

“Go around it!” she immediately suggested.

Liu Ruyan nodded.

However, before they could even detour, the ground beneath them suddenly exploded, and dark red roots shot out, stabbing at the two of them from below.

They were extremely fierce and emitted a power that could drive people mad.


Wang Qiutong reacted with incredible speed, leaping into the air while a long sword appeared in her hand, shattering the roots below.

At this moment, Liu Ruyan had also blocked the attack, but was drenched in cold sweat: “If we had reacted any slower just now, wouldn’t we have been pierced?”

A shiver ran down Wang Qiutong’s spine as she imagined the scene in her mind: the roots stabbing straight upwards, and then…

She quickly shook her head and warned cautiously, “Be careful, this is an attack from the Ghost Tree ahead. It’s coming again!”


The ground exploded again, and more roots rushed out like venomous snakes, attacking while encircling the surroundings to prevent their escape.

Meanwhile, the skulls on the distant black tree simultaneously opened their mouths, unleashing soundless screams that formed waves of sound sweeping towards them.

“Asking Heaven’s Nine Tones!”

Wang Qiutong’s eyes narrowed, and the sound of her soul collided with the incoming sound waves, creating a terrifying storm.

“Myriad Illusions!”

Liu Ruyan also burst forth, creating countless illusions of overlapping palaces that were both real and illusory, with endless images shattering into existence and enveloping the black tree.


Wang Qiutong transformed into a stream of light, raining down sword qi as she battled the black tree.

Both of them were peak powerhouses among the Eight Realms, especially Wang Qiutong, whose combat power was so strong that even Ye Bai had no confidence in defeating her.

In no time, the two of them had killed the black tree.

“Just a Dryad, and it’s this powerful?” Wang Qiutong stood by the river, her face pale and worried as she looked up.

“Comparable to the Ninth Realm, it seems like it didn’t suppress much of its power.” Liu Ruyan also had a bad expression on her face, “Let’s go, we must find Ye Bai.”

“Yes!” Wang Qiutong nodded.

They continued on.

The mountain road was rugged, and various forces constantly erupted.

The foreigners who had entered were fewer in number now, with most of them dying everywhere. If they were not killed by the bizarre forces here, they were annihilated by the terrifying creatures that suddenly appeared.

Time passed slowly.

Ahead was a valley, and as soon as they arrived, they saw a Demon’s Eye engraved on the rock wall right in front of them, with vertical pupils.

Surrounding it were blood-red patterns like ripples in the water.

At one glance, Wang Qiutong’s face turned even more pale, “The Demon’s Eye contains a terrifying soul attack, Ruyan, be careful!”

“Okay!” Liu Ruyan nodded.

If not for Ye Bai’s residual aura ahead, the two of them would have turned around and left immediately.

The further they went, the more dangerous they felt.

There was especially a feeling of being watched.

Liu Ruyan couldn’t take it anymore and slashed a sword across the sky towards the Demon’s Eye, only to see the Demon’s Eye suddenly shoot out a divine light, shattering her sword light.

Following that, a vortex appeared in front of the Demon’s Eye, from which four figures emerged.

Two skeletons with scythes in their hands, a dark elf, and a powerful creature with wings on its back and horns on its head.


Wang Qiutong judged at a glance.

Without saying anything, these four powerful beings attacked.


Wang Qiutong felt something was wrong but had no choice but to fight back.

The fierce battle erupted in an instant.

Terrible power fluctuations caused the mountain to shake, yet somehow the mountain-damaging power was being continuously weakened, reducing the destruction significantly.

In the villa.

Wang Qiutong spoke slowly, as she picked up her teacup and sipped it bit by bit: “The demon was at the Ninth Realm, and the other three were at the peak of the Eighth Realm, all very powerful. According to information about these alien races, these creatures rank within the top 300 in the Warzone of Ten Thousand Tribes, especially the demon – so terrifyingly powerful that it makes your heart tremble.”

“I fought the demon together!”

“Liu Ruyan deals with the other three!”

“I was unknowingly separated from Liu Ruyan, not knowing what she encountered. Suddenly, I lost contact with the three opponents.”

“I was anxious at the time and was about to use a Forbidden Law explosion, but suddenly there was an old woman with a black robe on the nearby rock wall. She emitted an ominous aura.”

“She held a walking stick in her hand, pointed at me, and a bizarre force attacked me, making me dizzy on the spot.”

“It was the power of a curse!”

“The demon took advantage of the opportunity and almost killed me.”

“Facing these two terrifying beings, I realized that it might be impossible for me to survive!”

“I activated the Divine Eye, forcibly breaking open the fog that enveloped the mountain. Finding a glimmer of hope, I retreated quickly.”

“Fortunately, I reached the foot of the mountain without any danger and hurried back according to my senses to get help.”

“The first person I thought of was you!”

“However, the evil creatures on that Nameless Mountain were too strong, and I hesitated, not wanting to put you in danger.”

“I’ll go find the instructor!”

Wang Qiutong’s pressure was relieved as well.

“To be honest, Instructor Zuo Xiong, Blood Robe Marquis, with his Ninth Realm cultivation, may not even be as strong as me!” Jiang Ming stood up and said, “Let me go instead! I’m faster and better at keeping myself alive. Even if I’m no match, I can still escape! Can you guide me now?”

According to what Wang Qiutong said, a day hadn’t passed since she escaped from the mountain.

The terrain hadn’t shifted yet.

“I can!” Wang Qiutong said, “Just in case, let’s also call the instructor.”

“Getting the instructor would waste even more time.” Saying that, Jiang Ming grabbed Liu Ruyan’s arm and entered the Realm of Heart directly.

He prepared to travel through the Realm of Heart.

Although he could instantly teleport outside, it was the Lost Land after all. If the place he teleported to was dangerous, it would be troublesome.

But the speed in the Realm of Heart far exceeded reality, and it reflected the real environment, making it very convenient to observe the terrain and spy on Nameless Mountain.

After leaving the scope of Xuanhuang City, the sleeping Principal Dongfang in the Realm of Heart transformed and appeared, watching the two leave and murmuring: “Wang Qiutong, an Innate Path Body, dual cultivator of martial arts and the Way of Souls, with an extremely strong physique, is at the top of the Eighth Realm. Yet she came back for help. What did they encounter?” “Genius, after all, needs personal experience to grow quickly!”

“Grow up quickly!”

“The future Great Catastrophe…”

Principal Dongfang looked at the distance with a worried expression on his face.

Jiang Ming enveloped both of them with his Heart Power, moving at an incredibly fast speed.

“What a magical Realm of Heart!” Wang Qiutong marveled, “It reflects the outside world without fog, allowing a clear view. Jiang Ming, with this ability, you can run rampant in the Lost Land.”

“If I encounter a Tenth Realm strong being, I’m afraid they can squash me with one finger!” Jiang Ming didn’t act arrogant.

“Come on!” Wang Qiutong said, “Above the Ninth Realm, their power will be weakened when entering the Lost Land. Even facing the Tenth Realm, you will have a chance to fight. As long as they don’t kill you instantly, with your ability to enter the Realm of Heart and teleport, it’s too easy to save your life…”

She suddenly stopped her words.

Because Jiang Ming had stopped.

“There are even living creatures!”

Wang Qiutong looked at the scene ahead in surprise.

Hyperdimensional Universe: I have Three Thousand Ultimate Talents



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