I Can Accumulate Proficiency, Starting from Alchemy

Chapter 343

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Chapter 343: Chapter 203: Jinyun’s Beginning and End, Visualization Method Breakthrough_3

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Qin Wuxian’s expression became solemn in an instant.

“Exactly, this incident is indeed related to the Wanfa Sect. The Yuan Beast Sect

is merely a pawn in the hands of the Wanfa Sect.”

“However, the Xuandan Sect is currently at a disadvantage. Going against the Wanfa Sect can be described as overestimating our abilities. We are consumed by rage, but we are powerless. If we really declare war on the Wanfa Sect, it would be comparable to throwing an egg against a rock.”

“Furthermore, there is not a shred of evidence in this matter. Although, in the world of cultivators, those who are stronger prevail, we currently lack proof and are much weaker than the opposition.”

“Therefore, for the time being, our sect can only endure.”

“As for the Yuan Beast Sect, they are simply courting death.”

When Qin Wuxian spoke the previous lines, he wore a helpless expression.

However, his last sentence was filled with murderous intent.

Han Yi remained silent, having roughly guessed this situation himself.

“By the way, Elder Qin, 1 have not fully recovered from the Hellbreak Powder poison. Do you know how to cure it?” Han Yi asked.

If he could obtain an antidote, that would be for the best.

Qin Wuxian thought for a moment, then shook his head uncertainly: The Hellbreak Powder is the poison of the Black Divine Tower. According to rumors, this poison does not have a specific antidote. Only Golden Core cultivators can eliminate the remaining poison in their bodies due to the influence of their Golden Cores.”

“As for the Foundation Establishment cultivators, those who are poisoned by this substance are on a path to death. This poison is extremely stubborn. If the remaining poison is not removed, it is impossible to form a Golden Core. And without a Golden Core, it is impossible to eliminate the remaining poison. This forms a deadly cycle.”

“However, 1 will ask the sect leader later to see if there are other ways.”

“The sect leader once had dealings with the Black Divine Tower. He should

know more.”

This time, not only Han Yi was surprised but also Liu Ruyan. Seeing their astonishment, Qin Wuxian continued to explain.

“It won’t hurt to tell you.”

“The former head of the Heavenly Soul Sect, Feng Wusheng, who once besieged the Xuandan Sect, escaped from the sect leader and his whereabouts are unknown. Although the sect leader has advanced to the Nascent Soul stage, he is not omnipotent. Unable to find Feng Wusheng, he had to turn to the Black Divine Tower. He paid a large sum of money to have the Black Divine lower eliminate Feng Wusheng.”

“However, I heard that there hasn’t been any progress so far.”

Han Yi understood and didn’t realize that the sect leader had a way to get in touch with the Black Divine Tower.

“Then I would like to ask Elder Qin to help inquire about it with the sect leader.” Han Yi thanked him with a cupped fist salute.

Qin Wuxian dismissed this with a wave of his hand, his tone was serious and promising: “It is the right thing to do. Han Yi, you also don’t need to worry too much. As long as there is a way, even at a great cost, the sect will eradicate the remaining poison in your Spirit Sea, allowing you a chance to condense a

Golden Core.”

Han Yi thanked him, feeling a warmth in his heart.

Although he faced many dangers at Xuandan Sect, these were dictated by the larger environment, not something intentional. Regardless of being pursued by Yuan Changtian, thrice visiting Shu Du, or encountering dangers twice in Jinyun Immortal City, in fact, none of these had anything to do with the sect.

Both Yuan Shun and Zhuge Wu You, and Qin Wuxian have already cared for him greatly.

As for danger, the Cultivation World itself is dangerous. Even Qin Wuxian was seriously injured a few years ago, his pupils turning gray, let alone him.

A moment later.

Han Yi left the Profound Immortal Pavilion and returned to his courtyard, then closed himself off to begin his closed-door cultivation.

Although Han Yi hoped for a cure for Hellbreak Powder, it was not absolutely necessary. Even without it, he had a way; as long as his Ancient God Visualization Method improved, he was confident that he could expel the remaining poison.

If not, he would continue to break through. He believed that if his body refinement skills reached the ultimate level, he could definitely eradicate the residual poison. It was just a matter of Time; he could afford to wait.

Moments later.

After Han Yi left, Qin Wuxian was filled with emotion.

“At the foundation building late stage, he managed to kill the Golden Beast and Que Chen. Although he took advantage of their careless moment for a surprise attack, this proved that Han Yi’s strength has reached the half-step Golden Core realm. If he could break through to the Golden Core Stage, he would become a great help to the sect.”

“Prepare to activate the Transmission Array and relay our information to the sect, inform our sect leader, and let him find a way to obtain the antidote to Hellbreak Powder. No matter what, we must allow Han Yi to condense a Golden


Liu Ruyan solemnly nodded and began to activate the second-stage Transmission Array located on the fourth floor.

In fact, there was another thing that Qin Wuxian didn’t mention. The sect had already begun planning to annihilate the Yuan Beast Sect. If an enemy lies beside one’s bed, how could one allow them to sleep soundly?

If the Yuan Beast Sect had not targeted the Xuandan Sect, the latter would not have made a move against it so soon.

However, judging from the history of the Daqian Immortal Cultivation World, a rising Nascent Soul Sect would inevitably exert an invisible resource plundering effect on the Golden Core Sects around it. These Golden Core sects only had three fates in the end:

To be swallowed up, obliterated, or to withdraw themselves.

It is because the Yuan Beast Sect sensed the crisis that it chose to cooperate with the Wanfa Sect, intending to impede the rise of the Xuandan Sect, in order to reserve a more extended time window for its own sect. If the Yuan Beast Sect could give birth to a Nascent Soul monarch during this period, it would be able to compete with the Xuandan Sect for the position of the dominant sect in the northern part of Shu State.

Two quarters later, Liu Ruyan relayed the news of Han Yi’s return and the incidents that had occurred involving him back to the sect. A quarter later, they received a letter in response from their sect. The letter told Liu Ruyan to inform Han Yi that he didn’t need to worry too much. The sect leader would find a way to procure the antidote to Hellbreak Powder.

In addition to this, the return letter also contained a piece of news regarding the Yuan Beast Sect. Qin Wuxian glanced over it, a hint of coldness flashing in his eyes..

I Can Accumulate Proficiency, Starting from Alchemy



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