I Don’t Want To Reincarnate

Chapter 326

I Don’t Want To Reincarnate

Chen Hansheng was the elite amongst all the elites, a bachelor who possessed immense wealth. Surprisingly, he returned back in time to when he was still a high school senior. Now, he was troubled between two choices. He had no idea if he should choose Shen Youmeng, the treasured beauty, or Xiao Rongyu, the pure beauty.

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Chapter 326: Barging into the year 2004

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Because of the quarrel, Chen hansheng did not go to Tokyo University to send Xiao rongyu off the next day. Xiao Hongwei was very strange when he picked up his daughter. “I thought han Sheng would be here too.”

“We quarreled.”

Xiao Yu ‘er said with a cold expression on her oval face. However, she sat in the front passenger seat and looked out of the window, probably hoping that the red xiali would suddenly appear. After all, she would not be able to see Chen hansheng for a few days.


Old Xiao wanted to laugh when he heard that. It was very normal for couples to have disputes. There were times when he and Lu Yuqing did not agree with each other. When he looked at his daughter, he always felt like a high school student watching primary school students fight.

“What’s the reason?”

Xiao Hongwei asked, trying to hold back his laughter.

it’s not between us. Yesterday, I was at professor sun’s house …

Xiao rongyu didn’t hide anything and told him about professor sun biyan’s family.

Old Xiao nodded after hearing this. He first scolded Chen hansheng, accusing him of not being considerate at all and being so rough to a girl. Then, he coughed and observed Xiao Yu ‘er’s expression as he said, ” although this kid’s method isn’t quite right, there’s nothing wrong with his starting point. It’s difficult for an honest official to resolve family affairs. We outsiders can’t get involved at will. When it’s time to leave, we should leave decisively.

Little Yu ‘er pouted. She was too embarrassed to say that she had brought up old scores.

However, old Xiao, who loved his daughter dearly, would always stand on his daughter’s side. When he saw that Xiao Yu ‘er was unhappy again, he immediately changed his tone and said, ” but this is the embodiment of your kindness. Chen hansheng is far from it.

“Aiya, I can criticize him, but why are you criticizing him?”

Xiao rongyu was even more unhappy. She did not allow Chen hansheng to criticize old Xiao, but she also did not want old Xiao to criticize Chen hansheng.

Xiao Hongwei laughed awkwardly. His heart was also sour. The daughter he had raised spoke up for another boy. As a father, his heart was like a table cloth in a Chinese medicine shop.

It wasn’t just a complicated feeling, he had all kinds of feelings.

Xiao rongyu did not see Chen hansheng coming to see her off even after they had reached the jiangang highway. She thought to herself, ” Xiao Chen is still as cruel as ever.

At this time, Chen hansheng was eating with Zhong jiancheng. The two were getting closer by the day. Last year, Chen hansheng had even sent a silk banner to join in the fun, but this year, he was too lazy to prepare anything.

“Aren’t you going to order some wine?”

Zhong jiancheng raised his glass and sipped on it.

Chen hansheng shook his head. I still have to go to the new era electronics factory later. I’m just a little brother there. It’s not appropriate for me to speak with a mouth full of alcohol.

“Hey, you brat!”

Zhong jiancheng noticed that Chen hansheng was paying attention to these details and sighed. I can still remember it. A year and a half ago, you came to my office and asked to be the general agent of the Institute of finance. I didn’t expect you to really play with it. Now, the reputation of the rocket 101 in jianmo University has already surpassed that of Shentong.

“Zhong, recalling the past is a sign of old age,”

Chen hansheng grinned as he raised his teacup and clinked it with Zhong jiancheng’S. “Next year, I’ll be almost 30, and you’re almost 50. You don’t look young anymore.”

“Bullsh * t, aren’t you only 20 next year?” “If you’re over 20 years old, you’re almost 30 years old.”

“What kind of f * cking calculation is this?”

“Is there any confirmation from Shentong?” Zhong jiancheng raised his head and took a sip.

Chen hansheng shook his head. He didn’t say that he had met the big boss, Cheng dejun, and it was twice.

He also didn’t say that Kong Jing would take over the role of rocket 101 next year.

He didn’t even mention that he had a good relationship with sun Bilu, who was a big Shot in the domestic law industry. It was because of this reason that Cheng dejun was willing to cooperate with rocket 101.

These were all too far away for Zhong jiancheng. Old Zhong was a pain in the ass in society with a little money. He knew all kinds of people and considered his own interests first, but he also valued loyalty.

“Zhong, I’ll be in my third year in the second half of 2004.”

I’ve asked a fortune-teller to read my palm, ” Chen hansheng said seriously. he said that I wanted to be famous, rich, and famous. Young and beautiful girls would rush into my arms. No one could stop them.

Zhong jiancheng did not believe him at all. Everyone was so familiar with each other, and it was not the first time that Chen hansheng liked to brag.

“Where did you find a fortune-teller? is it from chicken Crow temple or xixia temple?”

“I also want to count the number of peach blossoms next year,” Zhong jiancheng said, reaching out his hand. “You don’t have to, there’s no peach blossom.” Chen hansheng replied.

“What? you know how to read palms too?”

Zhong jiancheng’s face was full of sarcasm.

“I don’t know how to read palms, but I know how to read faces,”

Chen hansheng saw that it was about time and stood up to leave. “Zhong, you look like a fool. Don’t you know if there’ll be a peach blossom in your heart?”

After leaving Zhong jiancheng’s place, Chen hansheng drove to the new era electronics factory. Probably because it was winter vacation, it was obvious that there were fewer people on the road.

Jiangling was a suburbs that was still under development. Suddenly, there were tens of thousands of people who were busy shopping. The originally lively roadside stalls were now empty. A few chubby female owners with aprons leaned against the door and chatted while munching on melon seeds. Occasionally, when customers walked into the shop, they would also greet them indifferently.

A group of college boys could be seen under the bus stop. They were holding onto their suitcases and wearing down jackets hats. They were waiting for the bus with sleepy eyes. Occasionally, a cold wind would blow, and they would run to the sun to get some warmth. These were all internet-addicted teenagers who were preparing to go home after staying up all night in the internet cafe. “I don’t know if old Dai was late again today because he pulled an all-nighter.” Chen hansheng grinned.

Jiangling still did not feel like an ’empty city’. In the downtown areas such as the Changshou District and Gulou District, if they waited for a few more days, the originally congested Zhongshan Road and jiuhua mountain tunnel would be completely cleared. It could completely be used as an Fl race track.

As for the new era electronics factory, it was probably due to the holidays, so it was filled with a noisy and excited atmosphere.

In fact, it was strange to say that there were some college graduates in the administration building. They were used to winter and summer breaks when they were studying, but after working, they immediately adapted to the rhythm of returning home near the Spring Festival, which seemed to be a matter of course.

“Brother Jie, when is the holiday?”

Chen hansheng strolled to Li Xiaojie’s office. Li Xiaojie had used Chen hansheng’s bad idea to send the other management members, Lin chaohui, and the others to Northern Europe for a ” tour “.

Li Xiaojie used this time to lead the research and development of the second stage of the MP3 production. The product was almost ready for the market now.

“I’ll probably be spending the new year in the factory. Anyway, my family and friends are all abroad.”

Li Xiaojie held Chen hansheng’s hand and excitedly talked about the advantages of the second-generation MP3 player in terms of performance and appearance. It was obvious that he had great confidence in the improved MP3 player. After all, to Li Xiaojie, this was equivalent to a ” five-card game ‘ .

If he succeeded, his status in the factory and even in the industry would rise, and Lin chaohui and the rest would no longer dare to underestimate him.

If he failed, he would pack up and leave.

After Chen hansheng looked at the price and performance of the MP3 player, the possibility of failure was very small. It seemed that 2004 was not only the year when he was ” popular “, but the new era would also be popular.

For the past two days, Chen hansheng’s work and rest were very simple. He walked around the industries he was involved in and summed up his achievements for the year.

Last year, there was only one delivery collection point, and Chen hansheng did not feel this way. This year, it covered the entire jianmo university town. Sometimes, on the way from Jiangling to Xianning, Chen hansheng even felt that the whole of jianmo was his.

“If I had a peanut, I wouldn’t dare to have such a thought.”

Around January 14th, all the express delivery collection points were officially closed, indicating the end of the year’s entrepreneurial work.

At the moment, Chen hansheng had 860000 Yuan in cash, a small share of the new era electronics factory, and a small xiali.

It was originally more than 900000 Yuan, but Chen hansheng gave out a bonus on the last day. At the same time, Wang Zibo officially became a ” 10000-Yuan household ‘

The 2004 household with 10000 Yuan was not rare anymore. At least, Jian ‘er was everywhere on the streets. However, for a college student, this amount of money was already a huge sum.

“Xiao Chen, hurry up.”

On the morning of the 15th, Wang Zibo pushed the sunglasses he had just bought and held his phone in his hand. “The plane is about to take off in two and a half hours..”

I Don’t Want To Reincarnate

Chen Hansheng was the elite amongst all the elites, a bachelor who possessed immense wealth. Surprisingly, he returned back in time to when he was still a high school senior. Now, he was troubled between two choices. He had no idea if he should choose Shen Youmeng, the treasured beauty, or Xiao Rongyu, the pure beauty.



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