My Girlfriend is a Zombie

Chapter 620

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Chapter 620 – Better Together

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“Boom! Boom!”

The muffled sounds approached rapidly like drumbeats!

The mere sound was enough to convey a strong sense of oppression.


Ling Mo and the others exerted all their strength to run towards the large door. As they burst through it, the two incredibly fast zombies also arrived.


The wall shook violently, and the open glass door exploded in an instant, sending shards flying everywhere.

After lowering their arms, Ling Mo and the rest turned to look back at the entrance.

The female zombie, head bowed, stood outside the shattered display window, locking eyes with them.

“She’s looking at me, she’s looking at me!” Mu Chen tensed up immediately.

“Keep running!” Ling Mo yelled.

A height of three meters might be restrictive in some places, but it would certainly not be hindered in a store like this.

Ling Mo felt that there might be another reason they hadn’t immediately burst in.

For example, the way the female zombie looked at them was reminiscent of a cat toying with a mouse.

This zombie was not only physically powerful but also intelligent…

Ling Mo took the opportunity to observe their Mental Spheres and immediately gasped.

Leader level… maybe even dominant level!

These were two genuinely high-level zombies!

“Run, run, run!”

Ling Mo shouted as he led them to continue running upstairs.

“Damn it all! They usually roam and hunt everywhere, how did we just happen to run into them?” Mu Chen roared from behind.

“Cough…” Without drawing attention, Ling Mo discreetly zipped up his pocket, sealing away the scent that attracted zombies.

He didn’t have much on him, but he certainly wasn’t lacking in items that lured zombies. Like… gel.

“What exactly are they?” Ling Mo asked.

“What?” Mu Chen was nearly losing his mind. How could Ling Mo still be concerned about this in such a situation?

But to Ling Mo, zombies were not just simple monsters.

The appearance of a new kind of zombie signified a new direction in the virus’s Mutated evolution.

These possibilities also represented the potential future for Ye Lian and the others.

Of course, something like those giant zombies was definitely something Ling Mo wanted to avoid at all costs.

For normal people, their size was just too much…

“If you don’t tell us, how are we supposed to fight them?” Ling Mo added.

Mu Chen and Xu Shuhan both opened their mouths wide in disbelief: “Fight?”

To the average person, the thought of fighting against such towering creatures would be inconceivable!

Their thighs weren’t even as thick as their wrists; how could they possibly fight when a single slap could squash them?

“Nonsense, they won’t let us go,” Ling Mo said with certainty.

Mu Chen wanted to argue, but after a moment of thought, a chill ran down his spine.

Indeed, this might be the first time the zombies had encountered so many human prey at once; they certainly wouldn’t let them go easily.

Human flesh meant more to zombies than just food; it was a craving driven by instinct.

“We’re really out of luck,” Mu Chen sighed.

He turned to Ling Mo and said, “These aren’t ordinary zombies; they’ve been fed a large amount of medicine corpses.”

“Medicine corpses?” Ling Mo asked, frowning.

As they reached the third floor, the footsteps from below were still clearly audible.

“Why did they make these stairs so high!” Mu Chen cursed, “The so-called medicine corpses are…”

“At that time, we wanted to see if a mixture of various anti-inflammatory and antiviral drugs could have a miraculous effect on the virus; after all, it was an attempt. But after we released the drugs into the city, we found that the zombies started becoming more aggressive. They also began to show some physical mutations, but there were no signs of overcoming the infection,” Xu Shuhan explained, somehow having caught up to Ling Mo.

“Although we tried to eliminate the first batch of medicine corpses that were released, you know how fast a virus can spread…”

“Wait, are you saying that this city was used as your experimental field?” Ling Mo asked.

Xu Shuhan pursed her lips: “Our intentions were good.”

“Those two down there…” before Ling Mo could finish, a loud crash echoed from behind them, followed by a massive shadow that quickly appeared behind them.

“They were not deliberately created by us but rather evolved after consuming medicine corpses over a long period,” Mu Chen screamed, then yelled, “I’ve explained, now how do you propose we deal with them?”

Ling Mo quickly ran to a corner and stopped, then cautiously looked toward the zombie.

It was still the female zombie. She stood at the end of the corridor, bent over and looking down, still staring at them with that gaze.


Ling Mo let out a long breath.

What Mu Chen and the others had said couldn’t be the full story, but at least the part about the medicine corpses was probably true.

“I was wondering why they were so tall; turns out they’ve grown from hormones,” Ling Mo muttered to himself.

Although the female zombie had not yet attacked, which was a good opportunity for them, Ling Mo didn’t rush to take action.

He was now pondering another question: Where was the male zombie?

The behavior of this zombie couple made him wary; he felt that they weren’t as reckless as ordinary zombies.

“First, find cover,” Ling Mo said, keeping his eyes on the female zombie.

Xu Shuhan and Ye Lian were the first to move back, looking for something to hide behind.

This third floor was a café, quite open in the middle, with tables and chairs on one side of the corridor and a piano on the other.

Only the seats by the window were private booths, with railings and partitions.

Although these decorative items were fragile, they were better than nothing.

Xu Shuhan quickly moved towards the window, and Ye Lian glanced left and right, then squatted down behind a table, mimicking the human.

Xia Zhi and Mu Chen moved to the sides, trying to get out of the direct path of the female zombie’s potential attack.

Ling Mo, Shana, and Li Ya Lin formed a triangle, facing the female zombie head-on.


The female zombie had been staring at them intently, but suddenly let out a low growl, the massive sound echoing in the café, making Ling Mo’s ears ring.


The female zombie squeezed out a word, though it was unclear, it was recognizably human speech.

“Quite intelligent…” Ling Mo frowned.

The higher the intelligence, the stronger the mental power, making the effect of mental energy attacks less effective, especially since this zombie also had such a large head.

The female zombie suddenly turned her attention towards Shana and Li Ya Lin, struggling to move her lips again, “Same…”

Ling Mo felt a sudden pang of alarm—this creature…

But just then, there was a sudden loud crash from the window.

The sound of shattering glass exploded in the room, and a huge dark shadow appeared at the window.

“Xu Shuhan!”


Ling Mo and the others turned their heads in alarm and cried out.

A terrifyingly large hand reached in through the window and went straight for Xu Shuhan, who was nearest to the window.

Xu Shuhan reacted quickly, immediately turning her gun and firing while retreating.

But although the bullets hit the zombie, they didn’t have a fatal effect.

He didn’t even halt his attack…

From appearing at the window, to breaking through it, to reaching for Xu Shuhan—it all happened in just a second or two.

At the same time, the female zombie also moved.

She took a big step forward and charged like a tank.

This left Ling Mo and the others with no chance to divide their attention and come to the rescue.

Ling Mo realized then that this pair of zombies not only moved together, but they also coordinated with each other!

This was simply unthinkable among zombie populations!

After several missed shots from Xu Shuhan, the hand was already sweeping towards her head.

Hearing the whistling wind approaching, Xu Shuhan’s mind went blank.

She was done for…

But at that moment, a shadow suddenly darted in front of that palm, lifted her up, and threw her to the side.

Xu Shuhan, completely unprepared, felt herself crashing onto a table the next second, severe pain shooting through her back as she finally saw the shadow clearly.

“Ye Lian?”

Xu Shuhan was somewhat dazed; she hadn’t expected Ye Lian to be near her at that instant.

The girl always seemed clueless, curious about everything they said, but never initiated conversation with them.

Sometimes Xu Shuhan felt that Ye Lian was somewhat avoiding them, as if keeping a respectful distance.

But unexpectedly, just when she thought she was about to be torn in half, it was this girl who saved her.

“Get back here!”

Xu Shuhan finally snapped back to reality, reaching around and searching for her gun.

In her view, with Ye Lian’s slight build, there was no way she could defeat that zombie.

My Girlfriend is a Zombie



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