My Girlfriend is a Zombie

Chapter 624

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Chapter 624 – Shadow’s Consumption

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Corpse bombs rained down with a spray of fresh blood, causing Ling Mo’s complexion to drastically change.

He suddenly realized that he had fallen into some kind of misconception… Perhaps there was indeed something innate within these wild Zombies, but their thought processes were absolutely unlike that of humans.

Take for example this female giant corpse; her actions were completely beyond human comprehension!

“Isn’t that your mate? How can you make such ‘use’ of him, hey?!”

Not only did she tear off an arm to take with her, but she also hurled the corpse!

And the way she threw it was too clever, too meaningful!

Not to mention the impact one would suffer from the male giant corpse’s massive body, even if one could dodge the corpse, there was still so much blood gushing out from his severed arm!

If even a little splashed into Ling Mo’s eyes or mouth, that would be a disaster.

This was a dominant level Zombie! Even Ling Mo didn’t dare to take risks under these circumstances.

He swiftly dodged to the side and immediately pulled up his clothes to cover his head.

The female giant corpse indeed intended to escape, but she was somewhat outnumbered…

Although her corpse bomb ploy had hindered Ling Mo, there were still three other female zombies…

As Ling Mo dodged, he also used his mental Tentacles to create a net for them, providing cover for their evasion while simultaneously catapulting them towards the female giant corpse rushing towards the window.

He was quick to learn and apply, using another version of the “Zombie bomb”.

The three female zombies descended from above, timely intercepting the female giant corpse. With one arm gone and without the aid of the male giant corpse, and with Ling Mo joining in shortly after, she quickly fell into a disadvantage.

Minutes later, amidst the chaos, Ling Mo received two dominant level Zombie Virus Nests from Ye Lian.

Seeing the pure virus crystallization, Ling Mo’s eyes suddenly blazed with fervor.

This sweat was not shed in vain…

And perhaps due to the size, these two Virus Nests were unusually large.

Compared to the dominant level Nests Ling Mo had obtained before, these were at least one-third larger and seemed even purer.

It seems that the virus indeed serves as the original driving force for zombies, akin to gasoline, while a Virus Nest is much like an engine.

Larger and purer Virus Nests are necessary to sustain the operation of bigger machines.

“Wait, wait, wait…” Ling Mo slapped away Li Ya Lin’s sneakily reaching hand, then stored the Virus Nest close to his body under the expectant gazes of the three female zombies.

“Not now,” Ling Mo said as he casually wiped the corner of Ye Lian’s mouth.

Ye Lian’s eyes widened, and then she moved her lips dumbly, flicking out her tongue to lick them.

After securing the item, Ling Mo wiped off his sweat and turned his gaze toward the entrance of the cafe…

Another matter was waiting for his attention…

Minutes earlier, as Xu Shuhan pointed her gun at Ye Lian, her whole body trembled uncontrollably.

It was probably because the fear she had felt earlier hadn’t dissipated yet… Xu Shuhan thought to herself.

But the hesitation in her fingers, unable to pull the trigger, filled Xu Shuhan with a complex feeling.

Her mission was not complicated—wound Ye Lian as much as possible to attract Ling Mo’s attention… and better yet, to kill her.

However, looking at Ye Lian’s figure from behind, Xu Shuhan found herself hesitant to act.

But this was an opportunity, and she had to take it…


Xu Shuhan let out a sharp scream, but in the end, she jerked the gun up and fired at the chandelier in a semblance of an accident.

When she lowered her head, however, there was someone already standing in front of her, Ling Mo…

Even Ye Lian, who had just been unguarded with her back to her, now appeared in another corner.

In an instant, Xu Shuhan let out a long sigh of relief and felt a chill spread throughout her body.

“So you knew all along?” Mu Chen turned his head to look at Ling Mo, who was leaning against the doorframe.

“More or less…” Ling Mo touched his nose, “I was sure you would think of running away. But the way you all went about it… with such unexpected twists, that did surprise me. I suppose you aren’t considering escaping now, are you?”

“Life is already hard enough… can you drop the sarcasm?!” Mu Chen replied with a dark expression, then turned to look at Xu Shuhan.

As they made eye contact, both could see the word “frustrated” reflected in the other’s eyes.

Both had been used, and their feelings at this moment were clearly terrible.

In contrast, Ling Mo, at the center of the vortex, remained calm, not even showing a hint of anger. This made Mu Chen and Xu Shuhan feel somewhat guilty, but then they came to terms with it.

Perhaps Ling Mo didn’t take their commotion seriously, which is why he was so indifferent…

But why did that thought make them feel even more depressed? Mu Chen lamented inwardly.

He suddenly glanced at Xu Shuhan and asked, “But why did you hit me?”

“Xia Zhi told me to attack Ye Lian to distract Ling Mo so you could ambush him. I did it to stop you from doing something foolish,” Xu Shuhan said frankly.

“Alright… Although it hurts, I forgive you. But I still don’t quite understand why you changed your mind,” Mu Chen asked, still puzzled.

This was something he hadn’t anticipated at all. If Xu Shuhan had gone through with her attack, successful or not, they would all be finished by now.

Xu Shuhan was silent for a moment, then shook her head: “I don’t know…”

“That’s where Xia Zhi made a mistake. He should have sent you to ambush Ling Mo,” Mu Chen suddenly looked towards Ling Mo and said, “That way, his escape plan could have been fully successful.”

Xu Shuhan also looked up at Ling Mo, but then she lowered her head again.

“You…” Mu Chen was momentarily stunned, surprised by Xu Shuhan’s reaction, then turned his wide eyes to Ling Mo.

“Uh…” Ling Mo suddenly spoke up, interrupting Mu Chen, “So what’s your plan now?”

As soon as Ling Mo finished speaking, he suddenly felt a brightness behind him.

He turned around in surprise and looked outside.

And with that look, his expression immediately darkened.

“Your friend Xia Zhi is really ruthless…” Ling Mo said coldly.

Outside the window, flames shot up into the sky!


Xia Zhi threw a barrel of oil down from the rooftop, then looked around.

Under the night sky, many red dots could be seen approaching.

The zombies crazily rushing toward the blaze along the street, though not as powerful as those of the dominant level, were numerous enough to cause even greater trouble.

Such a scene would have turned any other survivor’s legs to jelly, but it brought a hint of a smile to Xia Zhi’s face.

The smile grew wider and more triumphant by the second…

“You all must think I’m going to run away, huh?” he suddenly smirked, “But I’m not as naive as you…”

After muttering to himself, Xia Zhi looked down at his palm and suddenly clenched his fist.

The feeling of having the fates of others in his grasp was truly exhilarating!

Who would have thought that before the Disaster Outbreak, he was just a man who spent his days meekly nodding to his boss and going home to complaints and arguments?

When the Disaster Outbreak occurred, he was initially scared, despairing, filled with fear…

But as his special abilities awakened, he felt as though he had become something different.

Maybe… this was an opportunity, a chance to break free from a life devoid of passion, utterly boring!

But this thought didn’t last long, as Xia Zhi soon realized that compared to those around him, he was still too insignificant.

Just like before! No one cared about him, no extra glances on the street, no one in the office mindful of his presence!

Xia Zhi had his moments of frenzy and depression. But soon, he thought of a good strategy.

Since no one noticed him, why not… just hide himself away!

While concealing his presence, he also exploited this disguise, inching closer to those who thought they were significant but were utterly unguarded.

It was like always acting as a shadow, then one day suddenly rising up to consume the one who had always been in front.

“You all need someone to play a supporting role, don’t you? But what does it feel like to be pushed into the abyss by the supporting player?”

Xia Zhi sneered, shaking his head.

But merely controlling Xu Shuhan and Mu Chen, pushing them into the abyss, was far from enough…

Xia Zhi moved his lips, whispering another name: “Ling Mo.”

“Enjoy,” he said, then pointed the muzzle of his gun toward a line at his feet.


With a sharp sound of cutting through the air, a huge cluster of fireworks burst open in the sky, instantly illuminating much of the night.

My Girlfriend is a Zombie



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