The Immortal Cultivation Game Has Come True

Chapter 340

The Immortal Cultivation Game Has Come True

Xuan Qing discovered a cultivation game on his phone that couldn’t be uninstalled. When he clicked on it out of curiosity, he was astonished to find that the treasures and cultivation of characters in the game could be brought back to the real world. PS: The male lead is the only extraordinary person on Earth, without brainless show-off and face-slapping plots.

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Chapter 340: Chapter 282: Is This… the Ginseng Fruit Tree and Flat Peach Divine Tree? 2

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Everyone at the martial arts arena was sitting in their respective seats, talking with respect, and the atmosphere was incredibly harmonious.

And so it went.

Several days of eating and drinking passed.


Buddhist light appeared in the sky, as if one could hear Sanskrit chants resounding, as if some great power had descended into the world.

Needless to say, this kind of brilliant light and dazzling special effects were certainly the work of someone from the Buddha Court. In the entire Three Realms, only those from the Buddha Court enjoyed such grandiose displays.

As expected.

A while after the special effects ended.

A figure standing on a shattered lotus platform while holding a sheep fat jade cleansing bottle… No, it was Guanyin Bodhisattva, clad in a white silk dress, who arrived above the banquet.

“I heard that Daoist Xuanqing has established a Dao Court, and in accordance with the rules, this poor monk is here on behalf of the Shimon to present… two Relic pearls of Arhat and wish the daoist to achieve the Great Dao soon.”

Guanyin had an expressionless face, and her voice was holy and calm.

From her tone, one could not tell that not long ago, she had fought Xuanqing fiercely, even resorting to self-destructing her famed magic treasure, to barely escape with her life.

Upon seeing this.

Xuanqing smiled slightly, and graciously didn’t mention the previous enmity. Some things still needed to be respected on the surface to avoid being accused of pettiness.

“Boundless longevity and fortune, thank you Guanyin Dashi, have a seat… have a seat, today we have enough Ginseng Fruit, and Nine Thousand Years Flat Peaches!”

As he spoke.

Xuanqing pointed his fingers at the nine Ginseng Fruit Trees surrounding them, as well as the Flat Peach Divine Tree nearby.

Hearing these words.

Guanyin was slightly startled, and only then did she pay attention to her surroundings.


When she clearly saw these Heaven and Earth Spirit Roots around her, just like the immortals and the Dragon Clan before her, she couldn’t help but gasp in shock.

“How is this possible? There are ten Heaven and Earth Spirit Roots, each one unique…how can there be nine Ginseng Fruit Trees, and… the Flat Peach Divine Tree should be in the Jade Pool…”

A tidal wave of emotions surged in Guanyin’s heart, leaving her unable to calm down for a long time.

She wanted to ask about it but then remembered that she was neither his superior nor his friend, and they even had deep enmity between them.

She could only suppress the shock in her heart.

After deeply looking at Xuanqing, she spoke quietly, “Master of the Primordial Beginning has impressive skills! This poor monk has urgent matters to attend to, so I won’t disturb you any longer.”

After speaking.


A breeze blew by.

Guanyin rode on her tattered lotus platform and left Black Wind Mountain, leaving behind a Sumeru Bag containing the Arhat relics.

After Guanyin’s departure.

On the square.

The guests couldn’t help but discuss the matter.

They were all aware of the enmity between Xuanqing and the Buddha Court. Although it hadn’t reached an irreconcilable point, it was already quite intense.

It must be said.

Though Xuanqing was a bit shameless and arrogant, he still had the demeanor he should have.

After a while.

A lucky cloud flew over and landed directly outside the Taoist temple.

On this lucky cloud, there were three figures standing. The leader had a rosy complexion, his beard and hair fluttered, and he wore a Taoist robe and walked with a Buddhist fly-whisk. As the breeze blew, he waved it gently, looking like a worldly expert.

The two others beside this Taoist were a pair of exquisite Taoist boys, each exuding an extraordinary Immortal Spirit Qi.

“Hahaha, long time no see, Daoist friend! I never thought that you have now established your Dao Court.”

The visitor was Zhen Yuanzi, the Ancestor of the Earth Immortals of Longevity Mountain and Wuzhuang Temple. The two Taoist boys beside Zhen Yuanzi were none other than Qingfeng and Mingyue.

It’s worth mentioning.

As Xuanqing had now established his Dao Court, not only his own power and influence, but even his status were on par with the Tathagata, the Master of the Western Buddha Court.

So, the previous appellation ‘young friend’ has now changed to ‘Daoist friend.’ No matter what the private relationship between the two, the propriety on the surface had to be observed.


Just like Guanyin.

Having just greeted and prepared to chat for some time…


Great Immortal Zhenyuan’s body trembled, his pupils quickly contracted, and he looked at the nine ginseng fruit trees planted around the martial arts arena.

Because of the Defense Formation of the Four Sacred Beasts, the aura of the mountains could be completely shielded without leaking, and only by truly stepping into the mountains could one feel the aura of these ginseng fruit trees and the Flat Peach Divine Tree.

“You… what is this…”

“Immeasurable Longevity and Fortune, senior’s presence graces our humble Black Wind Mountain, truly bringing glory to the Taichu Dojo.”

“Please… take a seat quickly!”

Xuanqing clasped his hands and performed a salute, hand gestures placed on his chest.

Such an attitude, however, was in sharp contrast to the courtesy he had shown to Guanyin earlier, as it was a heartfelt welcome.

Even in terms of etiquette, although he was giving an equal ceremony, he still regarded himself as a junior in his speech and did not become arrogant and self-satisfied because he had opened a Dao Court.

Because the great immortal standing before him, even without mentioning his status, just the favors received along the way were unforgettable.

“Hmm… alright.”

Great Immortal Zhenyuan regained his senses, his face still showing astonishment. As he was about to ask something, suddenly,

“Great Immortal, after the banquet is over, this junior will reminisce with senior!” Xuanqing’s voice whispered in his mind.

Great Immortal Zhenyuan imperceptibly nodded, then stepped forward to the table at the top of the main hall, as his name was written on it.

It is worth mentioning that.

In the entire martial arts arena, all seats, besides being orderly arranged, had name tags on each table.

They were arranged according to the guests’ identities and statuses.

The reason for doing this was to avoid resentments among the immortals of the Heavenly Court who might mistakenly take the wrong seats on this day of great celebration.

This was not Xuanqing’s disdain for others, deliberately placing those with low status and weak positions at the end; rather, it was for their protection.

For example, if a little deity accidentally took the seat of a great god, would anyone else be comfortable with that?

Of course, that great god wouldn’t dare to blame Xuanqing, but they would definitely keep that little deity in mind. If they were a little more cautious, they might even make things difficult for the little deity afterward.

Apart from Great Immortal Zhenyuan’s episode.

Not much later.

Outside the Black Wind Mountain formation.

Three old immortals descended from heaven, all with white hair and beards, and rosy complexions, looking just like the image of old immortals from outside the world.

It was Zhang Daoling, Ge Hong, and Xu Xun, the three old Heavenly Masters of the human race.

When they flew to the outside of the mountain’s protective formation, they stopped, waiting for the host in the mountain to receive them. It was impolite to force one’s way into the formation without permission.

The reason they personally came down to offer their congratulations… was of course because they were both of the human race and Daoist courts.

There was a natural affinity between them, and they naturally wouldn’t miss this grand occasion, so they brought gifts and came down in person.

Seeing this,

Xuanqing hurried up to greet them.

He had great respect for the three old seniors in his heart. Back when he was still studying in the real world, he had often heard his teacher tell stories about these three senior figures.

“Welcome, seniors, I didn’t expect the three seniors to come in person, this junior is overjoyed, please come inside… please come inside-”

“Hahaha, Daoist friend, don’t be too polite.”

Zhang Daoling laughed heartily, and then took out a Sumeru bag from his arms and handed it over.

“Fellow Daoist, your Dao Court is newly established. These are some books from our three families. We offer them as congratulations, and we hope you won’t find them distasteful.”

Hearing this,

Xuanqing was overjoyed and quickly thanked, “Thank you, thank you, seniors. My humble self was just worried about establishing a scripture pavilion after opening the Dao Court and now this is such timely help!”

“Please come in, I have prepared ginseng fruit and nine thousand year flat peaches inside.”

“Oh… In addition to ginseng fruit, there are even nine thousand year-old flat peaches?”

The three old Heavenly Masters were quite surprised.

Then, after a moment’s thought, they had already heard that Daoist Xuanqing, not only had a close relationship with Zhen Yuanzi but also had connections with the Jade Pool Queen Mother.

Now that he could take out so many nine thousand year-old flat peaches as banquet food… it seemed the rumor was true, otherwise, it would be impossible for him to take out so many flat peaches.

The Immortal Cultivation Game Has Come True

Xuan Qing discovered a cultivation game on his phone that couldn’t be uninstalled. When he clicked on it out of curiosity, he was astonished to find that the treasures and cultivation of characters in the game could be brought back to the real world. PS: The male lead is the only extraordinary person on Earth, without brainless show-off and face-slapping plots.



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