The Immortal Cultivation Game Has Come True

Chapter 342

The Immortal Cultivation Game Has Come True

Xuan Qing discovered a cultivation game on his phone that couldn’t be uninstalled. When he clicked on it out of curiosity, he was astonished to find that the treasures and cultivation of characters in the game could be brought back to the real world. PS: The male lead is the only extraordinary person on Earth, without brainless show-off and face-slapping plots.

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Chapter 342: Chapter 283: A banquet more grand than the Flat Peach Banquet. _2

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To be honest.

This moment.

Great Immortal Zhenyuan feels that the greatest fortune in recent millennia is getting to know Daoist Xuanqing and forming a connection with him at his most modest moment.

Otherwise… how could he obtain someone as pure, honest, and grateful as him?

“Don’t block me!”

Immortal Zhenyuan swings his sleeve, using the trapping divine technique within his sleeve universe, directly fixing Xuanqing in place.

“From today onwards, anyone who opposes young friend Xuanqing opposes me. Even if I risk my life, I will ensure they pay for it in blood!”


A thunderclap echoes in the sky, as if the heavenly path is moved by the genuine nature of these two, or perhaps Heaven and Earth are recording their pledge.

In short… both their pledges have been made.

This moment.

Xuanqing looks helpless.

How did this situation… evolve into this?


His heart is still truly moved. Regardless of whether Zhenyuan respects his accelerated divine power, sees his potential, the friendship is genuine, especially given the pledge he just made.

“Sigh, let it be, I’ll explain to the great immortal after the banquet,” Xuanqing shakes his head, thinking secretly.

For a while.

The entire banquet is harmonious, maybe affected by Xuanqing and Zhenyuan’s sincere feelings, the immortals at the banquet are reminded of their own emotions.

It’s often said that liquor doesn’t intoxicate, people intoxicate themselves. Ginseng fruit wine isn’t strong enough to get immortals drunk, but it could intoxicate their hearts.

In the end.

This banquet… lasted for several months, with thousands of ginseng fruits consumed and countless nine-thousand-year-old flat peaches.

No banquet doesn’t come to an end.


When these immortals left… they couldn’t help but reflect, it truly was a perfect banquet, even more intoxicating than the Heavenly Court’s Peach Banquet.

After seeing off all the guests except Great Immortal Zhenyuan.

Xuanqing takes Zhenyuan to the guest room.

After entering the guest room.

Xuanqing pours Zhenyuan a cup of tea, then raises an eyebrow and asks: “Great Immortal, are you curious about the origin of my ginseng fruit trees?”

“Daoist, you really are generous, with nine ginseng fruit trees and one flat peach divine tree.”

Zhenyuan sighs: “These are the top 10 Heavenly and Earthly Spiritual roots, it’s unimaginable that so many would appear one day.”

“Truthfully, if I said I didn’t want to know, that would definitely be false.”

“But, if you consider it a secret and inconvenient to reveal, then pretend I didn’t ask, ha ha ha~”

Speaking of which.

Zhenyuan laughs heartily.

Who doesn’t have secrets in this world? If you’re overly curious and like to pry, I’m afraid your lifespan… won’t be very long-

Who knows.

Xuanqing waves his hand, with no intention of concealing anything.

“To be frank Great Immortal, I possess a divine power that can seize the wonders of the world. No matter the treasure, as long as I imprint it once, it can be replicated.”

“However, realizing the imprinted objects… requires a heavy price.”

As he says this.

Xuanqing shrugs and points to the ginseng fruit trees planted around the Martial Arts Arena outside the room.

“I’ve saved up for quite a while, and only managed to realize these Heavenly and Earthly spiritual roots.”

Upon hearing this.

Zhenyuan looks odd.

Just?… That’s it?…

There are ten Heavenly and Earthly spiritual roots outside, is it really appropriate to describe them with the words ‘just’ and ‘that’s it’?

“Sigh, I must admit.”

“Don’t know what race your true form is, but your divine power of accelerating the growth of Heavenly and Earthly spiritual roots is extraordinary.”

“Now… you also possess the divine power of replicating everything, an illogical power that makes me extremely envious.”

While Zhenyuan feeling amazed, he’s also moved.

In his view, such an important secret, yet the other party reveals it to him without any precautions, is the other party dumb?

If he’s truly dumb, how could he cultivate up to this point, but if he’s not, then there’s only one possibility, the other party utterly trusts him, treating him like a true elder, even a family member.

It turns out life is indeed unpredictable.

Everyone envies him for owning a Ginseng Fruit Tree and for having the Qiankun in his sleeves, but compared to young friend Xuanqing, all those seem unimportant.

After some thought,

Great Immortal Zhenyuan comforted: “Young friend Xuanqing, as the saying goes, a man is criminal if he carries a treasure, with your astonishing Divine Powers, should you expose them…”

His words were unfinished, but his intention was clear.


Xuanqing didn’t care, he just shook his head, and then counter-asked: “Speaking of which, since I started cultivating, I have friends all over the world. The only issue is with that Shimen.”

“Now that my Dao Court has been established, I am not inferior to Tathagata in terms of status. Could it be that Tathagata in his Shimen dares to make a move against me?”

“He dares!” Great Immortal Zhenyuan immediately smacked the table, coldly humphed saying: “If that Sakyamuni dares to act against you, I will definitely fight him to the death!”

Although his Cultivation is a bit inferior to Tathagata, as the Ancestor of the Earth Immortals, he is not weak when he is in the realm of Earth Immortals, relying on the advantage of the terrain.

“Young friend Xuanqing, for taking care of me so, it really makes me feel ashamed. In the future, if you still call me… young friend, would it be okay?”

Xuanqing was somewhat moved and immediately suggested.

Upon hearing this,

Great Immortal Zhenyuan hesitated slightly, yet immediately nodded in agreement. Seeing that young friend Xuanqing treated him this way, how could he let down the other’s good intentions?

Several days later,

At the entrance to the Black Wind Mountain,

Xuanqing bade farewell to Great Immortal Zhenyuan together with Qingfeng and Mingyue.

“Great Immortal, the friendship between us need not be discussed again. In the future, if there is anything you need, I hope you won’t hesitate.”

“Hahaha, well said, young friend, hold on, I’ll be too!” Great Immortal Zhenyuan smiled and waved the Duster in his hand, creating a space tunnel.

“Senior Brother Xuanqing, we will take our leave!” Qingfeng and Mingyue also cupped their fists and gave a salute to Xuanqing.

Because the relationship between Xuanqing and Great Immortal Zhenyuan had become closer, they changed their address to Senior Brother Xuanqing.

“Take care!”

Xuanqing clasped his fist in salute, watching as Great Immortal Zhenyuan left.

Back in the secret room of the Taoist temple,

Xuanqing sat cross-legged.

He waved his right hand, took out a pile of Sumeru Bags from the Game Backpack, along with some special treasures that could not be put into Sumeru Bags.

This banquet cost him thousands of Ginseng Fruits, but he harvested innumerable treasures from the Three Realms.

With this wave, the variety in his ‘Game Mall’ could be greatly increased.

“Upload to the Mall!”

Xuanqing casually picked up a crystal stone that emitted faint light and silently said in his heart.

[Product uploading…i%….2%…3O%…56%…ioo°/o!]

[Ding- Congratulations, upload successful. Mall increment: Nine-Leaf Fire

Essence Crystal (9W)]

“Continue to upload!”

Xuanqing put the Nine-Leaf Fire Essence Crystal into the Game Backpack, and picked up something that looked like a tree branch from the front.

A moment later.

[Ding- Congratulations, upload successful. Mall increment: Thousand-Year Merit Treasure Branch (2W)]

Just like that,

One treasure after another was uploaded into the Game Mall.

The entire upload process lasted a full month, and only then were all miscellaneous items uploaded into the Mall.

“By the way, there are the things that Uncle Teacher sent through Senior Brother Qing Niu.”

Xuanqing had a thought in his heart.

The next moment,

A small jade bottle of forest green and a jade slip shining faintly were floating in front of him.

First, he held the small jade bottle in his hand.


Upon opening the stopper,


A strong medicinal aroma filled the entire room.

Xuanqing’s body shook upon smelling it and he noticed an increase in his Power of the Soul. Note that he hadn’t begun cultivating in the Yin-Yang Realms yet..

The Immortal Cultivation Game Has Come True

Xuan Qing discovered a cultivation game on his phone that couldn’t be uninstalled. When he clicked on it out of curiosity, he was astonished to find that the treasures and cultivation of characters in the game could be brought back to the real world. PS: The male lead is the only extraordinary person on Earth, without brainless show-off and face-slapping plots.



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