The Strongest War God

Chapter 948

The Strongest War God

His name was Brayden Neal, and he was an ordinary citizen. At eighteen years old, he was bestowed the title of a king! Please Continue reading on ΒƟXN0VEL.ƇʘM After ten years of fighting in the northern borders outside the kingdom, he finally returned home. He swore to kill three people the moment he arrived at the capital…

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Chapter 948: Wanting to Challenge a Mountain!

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Kieran Normand took a step forward and was about to grab Luke Yates.


The Northern King Sword at Braydon Neal’s waist was unsheathed again.

Once the sword was unsheathed, the sword light bloomed as it landed on the spot.

A ten-meter-long blade ditch appeared in front of everyone.

Dominic Lowe shuddered and turned around, wanting to run away. In the end, Syrus Yanagi blocked him and forced him back with a punch.

The old fox quickly said, “It’s all a misunderstanding. It’s just the Nine Strikes. It’s nothing. It’s fine if Luke has already cultivated it. Zavier, don’t you think

After Dominic had finished speaking, he kept winking at Zavier Leach.

Now, they were not going to give in on this matter.

The three of them had to die here.

Even if they didn’t die, they would be half-crippled.

Dominic really did not want to be beaten up again!

Zavier fell silent. Kieran frowned. Before he could say anything, Dominic pulled him aside.

Braydon said calmly. “So what if Luke has cultivated the Son of Heaven’s Nine


“Yes, yes!”

Dominic suddenly admitted defeat because he had seen the situation clearly. It was definitely not beneficial for him to fight head-on with these bad eggs, so he decisively admitted defeat.

Dominic was good at nothing but being the first to admit defeat!

Not far away.

In a huge pit caused by Little Fool’s punch, Tony was already on his deathbed. All the eight extraordinary meridians in his body were broken, and his heart meridian was also broken.

This kind of injury would definitely kill him.

His eyes were filled with unwillingness. He felt that he had been tricked by the little fool.

Claus Zayas and the others jumped into the pit, carried him out, and laid him flat on the ground.

Tony held Claus’ hand and said hoarsely, “Avenge me!”

As soon as he finished speaking, his head drooped, and he was completely out of breath.

Claus was stunned!

Wasn’t this a scam?

It was true that he, Claus, was a pinnacle, but his vitality was only 1,000 Na.

The little fool who killed Tony with a single punch had a vitality of 5,000 Na.

Plus, he had a golden physique.

How could he, Claus, avenge Tony!

If he rushed up to take revenge now, it would be no different from sending himself to his death.

Claus’ face turned green, but his other companions were looking at him. He stood up and said angrily, “King Braydon Neal, we are from the Alpha Empire. How dare you allow your men to kill our people?” “Is the Alpha Empire very powerful?”

Braydon lifted his gaze slightly and looked over.

That sentence almost choked Claus to death.

Because there was no need to ask this question.

The number one empire was naturally extremely powerful.

Claus was scared and wanted to argue, but he didn’t have the guts.

Luke had killed Tony with a violent punch.

It was extremely intimidating!

The geniuses from the Alpha Empire were all being obedient.

Originally, they had planned to test Braydon and see how much stronger he had become after half a year of seclusion.

Now, they could only give up on this idea!

Milia walked over elegantly. She spoke to ease the awkward situation. She bowed slightly and said softly, “Milia of the Alpha Empire greets Your Highness the Northern King.”

“Long time no see. Tell me why you’re here. Why did the Alpha Empire send the seven of you here?”

Braydon turned around and sat back down. His left hand propped up half of his cheek, and he slightly narrowed his eyes and yawned.

This lazy look was completely different from the way he killed with his sword just now.

His appearance was too deceptive.

“The Empire’s higher- ups heard that many pinnacle talents have emerged in the Hansworth martial arts world,” Milia said softly. “They specially sent the seven of us here to represent the Alpha Empire and have a friendly exchange.” She didn’t hide their intentions.

That was because Milia knew how terrifying the young man in white was.

If she played any tricks, she would only incur Braydon’s annoyance.

After all, her background was clearly known.

Braydon closed his eyes and said, “Little Fool, since she came all the way here to exchange pointers with you, don’t let her down. Other than her, the rest are all useless!”

It was just one sentence.

Milia and the others’ expressions changed drastically.

They were from the Alpha Empire!

Luke swaggered and looked at Claus and the others.

The little fool spoke with a look that deserved a beating.

Normally, he would have been beaten up long ago.

But now, any normal person would know that this fool could not be provoked!

Claus was furious. He stared at Braydon and said coldly, “I’m not sparring with him. I want to challenge you, King Braydon Neal!” “Hmm?”

Braydon tilted his head and glanced at him.

“Are you an idiot?” Syrus asked with a strange look in his eyes.

Did Claus’ head get kicked by a donkey?

He actually challenged Braydon in public!

One had to know that Braydon was the most terrifying and ruthless person among the elites of the Northern Army.

Claus did not want to fight Luke, so he challenged Braydon.

What was he planning?

“Claus Zayas, Alpha Empire’s pinnacle martial artist, challenges His Royal Highness the Northern King today!” Claus said in a low voice as he stared at Braydon.

This was a provocation.

Everyone was silent.

Milia was stunned. “Claus, what are you doing?” she shouted.

“I know what I am doing. I want to challenge you. Northern King, do you dare to accept my challenge?”

Claus provoked him again.

“You don’t deserve it!” Braydon sat alone on the chair and said indifferently.


Heather Sage burst into laughter and rolled her eyes.

The few people from the Alpha Empire had never stirred up any fighting spirit in Braydon.

The difference between the two was like a chasm. Claus did not have the strength to fight against Braydon at all.

Claus avoided Luke and turned around to challenge Braydon. He wanted to test Braydon’s strength.

After all, to Claus, whether it was Luke or Braydon.

They were all existences that could not be defeated!

Braydon said softly, “You trying to challenge a mountain must mean that you have someone protecting you. Westley, check the capital!”

“Brother, there’s no need to check. Half a year ago, when these seven people came, there were two old men accompanying them. I don’t know how strong they are.”

Frediano Jadanza whispered into his ear.

Braydon’s eyes lit up when he heard this. He raised his left hand and released his powerful vitality, instantly forming a hundred swords behind him!

The red sword was three feet long.

There were as many as a hundred of them!

This was the one hundred Qi-imperial swords!

Braydon had already broken away from the Talisman path, and he could transform his vitality into a hundred swords.

Each sword was hanging vertically behind Braydon.

Braydon pointed at the capital. “Come out, you two!” he whispered. Swoosh!

A hundred swords flew out and landed in a courtyard in the capital.

Two old figures were forced out by the hundred swords.

A high-level pinnacle.

They were both from the Alpha Empire, and it had been half a year since they brought Milia to Hansworth.

“Only pinnacles like these can be considered opponents!” Braydon calmly stood up and smiled.

“Brother, you want to challenge the high-level pinnacle?”

Syrus was shocked..

The Strongest War God

His name was Brayden Neal, and he was an ordinary citizen. At eighteen years old, he was bestowed the title of a king! Please Continue reading on ΒƟXN0VEL.ƇʘM After ten years of fighting in the northern borders outside the kingdom, he finally returned home. He swore to kill three people the moment he arrived at the capital…



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