The Supreme Martial King Shocking All Realms

Chapter 348

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Chapter 348: Chapter 345: Mysterious Heavenly Spirit Treasure! 1

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In an instant, a pair of blazing eyes fell on Yang Chen, their intentions of acting inappropriately now more apparent than ever. This key involved the Thousand Year Treasure, the value of which was self-evident. Everyone was well aware of what the Thousand Year Treasure was. And this key was very likely a divine object that could lead to the Great Emperor’s inheritance.

The Great Emperor’s inheritance…

When it came to the two words “Great Emperor,” everyone’s heart was moved.

Even if Yang Chen did not look, he knew that there were fiery eyes fixed on him, and he was now holding a hot potato. If he couldn’t weigh the situation well, he might end up inviting disaster on himself at any time.

Not to mention those insignificant little fish, even the two giants of Canghai Sect and Beishan Main City presumably would not simply let the key stay with him this kindly. However, his current status was extraordinary as the Young Sect Master of Yuanshan Sect, so anyone who wanted to deal with him would need to weigh the situation carefully.

Thinking to himself, Yang Chen still showed enough spirit, even if he knew that Steward Feng deliberately made the situation dirty and troublesome, he still bowed his hand: “Thank you, Elder Feng.”

Steward Feng squinted his eyes, watching Yang Chen calm and composed, and thought to himself that this kid was really a greenhorn who hadn’t realized that he had taken over a hot potato that could cost his life at any time.

Thinking about it, Steward Feng coughed twice and said with hands behind his back: “Young friend Yang Chen, since you’ve accepted the key, the next step is to go to the Arms Pavilion to choose a Spirit Weapon. I wonder when you plan to go?”

“We can go now.” Yang Chen exchanged glances with Mil Båishéng, and since Mb Båishéng had no objections, he naturally agreed directly.

He was also very curious about what kind of Spirit Weapons were stored in the Arms Pavilion of Beishan Main City.

Steward Feng did not dawdle. Since the rules for the championship were set, he had to take Yang Chen to the Arms Pavilion.

In just an instant, Steward Feng led Yang Chen to the door of a magnificent and grand palace. “Steward Feng.”

“Steward Feng!”

Various members of Beishan Main City greeted him respectfully. Leaving other things aside, as a powerful True Martial Realm martial artist, Steward Feng’s status in Beishan Main City was quite remarkable.

Steward Feng quite enjoyed this respect, and now he led the way with a smile, saying: “Young friend Yang Chen, here is the Arms Pavilion.”

Yang Chen glanced at the magnificent palace, and above it were two large characters “Arms Pavilion.”

Although he hadn’t entered yet, he could already sense the meticulous prohibition forces within, knowing that this Arms Pavilion was no ordinary place and not just anyone could explore it.

Meanwhile, Feng Steward acted as a guide, laughing aloud, “Young friend Yang Chen, you have the chance to choose three Spirit Weapons. Don’t be stingy and don’t worry. In our Beishan Main City’s Arms Pavilion, everything is a Spirit

Weapon, and there are no inferior items.”

Upon entering the Arms Pavilion, Yang Chen’s eyes swept across the area, and he was truly amazed by the sight before him.

The place was filled with Spirit Weapons, layer upon layer like waves, showing the astonishing wealth of Beishan Main City.

The aura emitted by the Spirit Weapons varied in strength, making the selection process quite delicate, as discerning the rarity and strength of the Spirit Weapons was by no means an easy task.

Yang Chen asked out of curiosity, “Steward Feng, are there any treasures more valuable than Spirit Weapons in Beishan Main City’s Arms Pavilion?

“Hehe, who knows.” Steward Feng twisted his neck, not intending to give any reliable information.

Yang Chen squinted his eyes, knowing that hoping for Feng Steward’s help was not an option.

As a guide, if Yang Chen were from Beishan Main City, Steward Feng would not mind guiding him on which Spirit Weapon to choose, but since he was not from Beishan Main City, asking Steward Feng further would result in him not giving any advice.

However, with his abilities, discerning the strengths and weaknesses of Spirit Weapons naturally did not require Feng Steward’s guidance.

What he was actually more curious about was whether there were any “Mysterious Heavenly Spirit Treasures” more valuable than Spirit Weapons stored in the Arms Pavilion!Yes, Mysterious Heavenly Spirit Treasure.

Why is this spiritual tool called the spiritual tool?

That’s because the spiritual tool has a spirit.

There are two types of spiritual tools—Innate Spirit Weapon and Acquired Spirit Weapon.

Innate Spirit Weapons are born from the heavens, Acquired Spirit Weapons are created by man. Both possess spirits of varying strengths, but the difference is not significant. Therefore, human martial artists don’t pay much attention to the distinction between Innate and Acquired Spirit Weapons, simply calling them spiritual tools.

Besides Innate and Acquired Spirit Weapons, there is yet another type of spiritual tool named “Mysterious Heavenly”.

Mysterious Heavenly relies entirely on the word “Mysterious”.

Such a spiritual tool possesses immense spiritual energy, and contains countless prohibition forces. It’s profound and far superior to ordinary spiritual tools, hence it’s called the Mysterious Heavenly Spirit Weapon, or Mysterious Heavenly Spirit Treasure.

These treasures, in the truest sense, are extremely rare. Even in the True

Martial Realm, it’s difficult to possess one. Beishan Main City, no matter how generous, would not place a Mysterious Heavenly Spirit Treasure in the Arms Pavilion.

With this thought, Yang Chen smiled wryly, admitting to himself that he was overthinking and quickly turned his attention to something else, making a light sound of surprise.

“This short dagger….” Yang Chen squinted his eyes.

“Young friend Yang Chen, have you set your sights on this short dagger?” Steward Feng chuckled.

Yang Chen didn’t reply, gazing at the purple dagger, his mind buzzing with thoughts. To be honest, the dagger was just an ordinary one—it was the lowest grade of spiritual tools. However, what caught his attention more was that the dagger had some relation to his Forbidden Purple Dragon Spear.

As he looked at the purple dagger, the spirit of the Forbidden Purple Dragon Spear within his Storage Bag began shaking, seeming as if a starving husband had met his wife. He had never experienced anything like this before.

“Strange.” Yang Chen muttered to himself.

Indeed, it was strange.

To prevent Steward Feng from noticing anything, Yang Chen casually played with the dagger, saying, “I’ll take this short dagger.”

“Ha ha, young friend Yang Chen has a discerning eye. This short dagger is a treasure that cannot be found easily.” Steward Feng spoke highly of the dagger, while inwardly laughing to himself. He thought Yang Chen was simply too foolish, having only three chances and settling for the worst lower-grade spiritual tool.

Yang Chen stood with his hands behind his back, calmly asking, “Elder Feng, with this short dagger chosen, am I left with only two opportunities?”

“That’s correct,” Steward Feng replied.

“What if I gift these remaining two chances to you, Steward Feng? What do you think?” Yang Chen suddenly changed the subject.

Steward Feng’s expression changed, “Yang Chen, what are you trying to do?”

“Nothing, I just want to show my respect to Elder Feng.” Yang Chen’s tone was as amiable as ever, making it even more difficult for anyone to guess his intentions.

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The Supreme Martial King Shocking All Realms



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