The Wizard Path From The Simulator

Chapter 332

The Wizard Path From The Simulator

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Chapter 332: Chapter 195 “Birth of the Rules” and “Void Vision” (Seeking Subscription)_2

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During the first text simulation, Milton Cheney had to use his life-saving puppet because of that farcical dispute.

“Anything is possible, you wouldn’t say that if you had seen what happened before.”

Bane spoke.

He was aware that Milton had rejected the rules set by his mentor.

So now that such a great opportunity was presented to his student, he naturally couldn’t let Milton back away.

Even if no rules were truly formed, necessary attempts still had to be made.

If one lacked the courage to even try when faced with difficulties, he could never become a Level 5 Wizard.

But what he didn’t know was, it’s not that Milton was too afraid to try, but that he already had tried.

Milton was certainly not someone who feared attempts.

However, stubbornly attempting something while knowing the unfavorable outcome wasn’t courageous, it was foolish.

Hearing Bane’s words, Milton felt an unspoken helplessness.

Milton knew that his mentor Bane would not back away from investigating this suspected unowned rule because of his plea.

But Bane’s message was largely meant to guide Milton towards gaining this unowned rule.

An unowned rule spontaneously forming within the Void Space could possibly be a rule without a potential limit.

Rules were very difficult to come by after Void Space, and none had ever been born within the Void Battlefield.

An unowned rule without a potential limit fit Milton’s needs perfectly, which is why Bane hurriedly sent him a message.

More so, it was due to the rarity and preciousness of unbounded unowned rules.

That’s why it ended up attracting the attention of Level 5 Wizards.

“Alright, then was it just you who noticed the emergence of this suspected unowned rule?”

Milton asked.

This time, he wasn’t doubting the possibility of the birth of new rules. Rather, he took it from a different perspective.

Milton knew that eliminating Bane’s idea would not be an easy thing.

However, Milton HAD to squelch Bane’s unfeasible notion.

Having gone through it once in the text simulation, Milton, who already knew the outcome, naturally wouldn’t waste his efforts in reality again.

What’s more, the danger this time was not ordinary.

And the time duration was extraordinarily long.

Fifty years was a very long time for the real world’s Milton.

Upon hearing Milton’s words, Bane shook his head.

“How can that be? The disturbance was too great. All wizards and Blood Descendants above Level 4 in this Void Battlefield should have noticed.”

Upon the conclusion of Bane’s words, he seemed to have thought of something.

Narrowed his brows, Bane looked at Milton, and again asked, “What do you mean?”

“Yes, if it were really as you said, teacher, those participating in this battle over the birth of new rules would definitely be many.”

“Even among those above level 4, many would likely be involved, potentially even attracting Level 5 Wizards.”

“Under such circumstances, even if a new unowned rule were truly born, our chances of acquiring it would be minuscule. I would advise against taking this risk.”

Milton stated.

That was his mindset.

If this was the first time he heard Bane’s words, perhaps he would be willing to risk it.

But having tried and failed before, Milton, who knew the outcome, naturally wouldn’t play the fool by wasting his efforts again.

Instead of that, he would be better off cultivating the Meditation Technique in the Wizard Tower of the Guardian Sea.

After all, cultivating the Meditation Technique could still enhance his Spiritual Power.

Taking part in this farcical dispute would not only bring no benefits, but also put half his life at great risk.

Assessing the benefits against the risks, Milton knew how to choose.

Upon hearing Milton’s reasoning, Bane slightly furrowed his brows.

He didn’t respond to Milton but fell into contemplation instead.

In this state, Bane seemed to be weighing something.

Seeing that Bane was deep in thought, Milton didn’t interrupt.

After all, the reason he came to the Void Battlefield from his Meditation Technique was to dispel his mentor’s impractical idea.

Otherwise, if Bane didn’t see him and acted alone.

Not only would it hold up the completion of their mission, but it would also multiply the level of danger.

Bane had absolutely nothing bad to say about his student, and Milton wasn’t an unappreciative person. Naturally, he wouldn’t stand by and watch Bane venture into danger.

As time passed, after a while, Bane’s frown relaxed.

Bane looked at Milton, and began to speak:

“Wouldn’t it be a waste to give up such a good opportunity outright?”

“You haven’t used your rules yet, and you’ve finally encountered a good opportunity. It would be a shame to let it go.”

“Who knows how long we’ll have to wait to encounter such an opportunity again.”

Bernard’s tone carried a hint of reluctance. Although he had no hope of becoming a Level 5 Wizard himself.

If his student, however, could become a Level 5 Wizard, it would definitely be a matter of great pride for him as well.

That’s exactly why he felt this way.

“There will be plenty of opportunities in the future. This clearly isn’t a good one.”

Milton Cheney said.

Naturally, Cheney could detect the hint of bitterness in Bernard’s tone.

At the same time, Cheney himself breathed a sigh of relief.

Bernard’s tone had confirmed that his mind had been swayed by Cheney.

Bernard nodded, finally giving up the idea.

What he didn’t realize was that if he had continued to insist, Cheney would have been straight to the point.

The current Cheney merely guided Bernard with his persuasion.

If Bernard had persisted, then Cheney perhaps would have been more direct.

He did not mention that the rules for this Void Battlefield were due to a simple reason.

He had not truly witnessed the scene at the time. If he spoke of it directly, it would provoke doubt in Bernard.

So, Cheney refrained from stating this outright.

“It’s a pity. I hope you won’t regret this afterward.”

Finally, Bernard sighed lightly and spoke.

Hearing this, a smile appeared on Cheney’s face. He responded, “I won’t.”

Bernard gave Cheney a deep look.

He knew his student well. Cheney definitely wasn’t one to settle for the status quo.

Yet, he decidedly gave up such a good opportunity. Bernard was left wondering if Cheney knew something in advance.

Suddenly, as though remembering something, Bernard queried,

“You said you were previously in this Void Battlefield. Did you witness the event?”

Bernard asked with a degree of curiosity.

Hearing the question, Cheney shook his head.

From beginning to end, he had never witnessed the so-called scene of the rules’ birth that Bernard mentioned.

The version of him within the text simulation arrived even later than he did in reality, so naturally, he hadn’t seen the event either.

Thus, the memories Cheney retained had no relation to the incident.

Hearing Cheney’s response, an expression of ‘so it’s like that’ appeared on Bernard’s face.

“That figures. If you had seen the event, you definitely would have changed your mind.”

Bernard stated.

Hearing that, Cheney felt a bit helpless.

As expected, Bernard was still somewhat reluctant.

But what Bernard didn’t know was that even if Cheney truly had witnessed the event, he definitely wouldn’t have changed his mind.

Yet, Cheney was somewhat curious about what sort of scene could convince his mentor, a Level 4 Wizard for thousands of years, so definitively.

Cheney was certain that the anomalous void and the scene of the birth of the rules were uncannily similar.

It was even possible that it was identical to the void as it was when the rules were born.

After all, if it wasn’t convincingly real, it wouldn’t have attracted existences on the level of a Level 5 Wizard.

The judgement of a Level 4 Wizard was far from that of a Level 5 Wizard.

Even Level 5 Wizards misjudged the situation, it was no surprise that Bernard was so certain.

After all, in the text simulation, even with the subtle influence of Cheney’s subconscious, the version of him within the simulation had participated in the fruitless scramble.

This was sufficient to illustrate the immense allure of an unowned rule to Cheney.

If it wasn’t for the fact that Cheney already knew the outcome, he would likely take the risk.

“We shouldn’t get involved in this matter.”

“However, Mentor, you can use this Void Battlefield incident to complete your mission earlier.”

Cheney said, shifting the topic.

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The Wizard Path From The Simulator

Transversing the wizard world, bound to the Wizard’s Life Simulator. [Do you want to start the life simulation?] [Simulation has ended, please choose your reward!] [Retain Realm] or [Retain Technique] A wizard simulator, blasting through the world from scratch! Starting from the subcontinent, dominating the Wizard Realm and endless planes. … [Wizard Style] [Simulator] [No Main Character Bullying] [Decisive and Ruthless] Please Continue reading on ΒƟXN0VEL.ƇʘM



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