The Young Master’s Bride

Chapter 1299

The Young Master’s Bride

Li Beichen, Ye Qingge’s fiancé’s Little Uncle, the helmsman of the Li family, greatly indulges her. “Little Uncle, having dignity is a good thing. Won’t you please retain some of it?” she said. “Are you addicted to calling me ‘Little Uncle’? My son already addresses you as ‘mom’. Shouldn’t you…call me ‘hubby’ instead?” he asked. Some have asked Li Beichen — why is he so nice to Ye Qingge? His answer? “She gave birth to my kid at eighteen, gained thirty-three catty in weight, and endured 27 hours of labor. I wouldn’t dare treat a woman like that poorly. I could never do so.” Some have asked Ye Qingge — what’s so great about Li Beichen? Her answer? “He treats me right!” B0XN0VEL.CʘM

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Chapter 1299: Looking forward to the year-say you miss me, Yingluo

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Feng Yan, who was still in a fit of anger, became even angrier when he saw Han Bing’s hesitant look.

Could it be Feng Xi?” After saying this, Feng Yan immediately denied his own words.

Feng Xi doesn’t have the guts to do that!

Yes, although Feng Xi was usually willful and reckless, he knew very well that Yin shinian was Feng Yan’s woman now. He could pester her, but he would never touch her.

Even if he had the guts, he wouldn’t dare to, because he understood Feng Yan’s possessiveness the best.

young master, we couldn’t find anything. The car wasn’t photographed, and it seemed to have been deliberately hidden!

Han Bing was only telling half of the truth, and the other half was what he didn’t say.

That was, he had received an order from the Bai family’s old master to not investigate!

The Bai family’s old master had already gone into seclusion and no longer involved himself in the martial world.

However, his status was there for all to see. One had to know that the Feng family’s social status today was mostly due to the support of the Bai family’s old master.

Back then, Feng Yan’s father had taken a fancy to Bai YUSU because of master Bai’s background.

He had suddenly called him and told him not to check…

It proved that the man in the car was someone that master Bai wanted to protect.

What was his identity and who was he?

Han Bing had no idea about this, but he knew the severity of the matter, so he did not tell Feng Yan the truth.

Because he knew that once he said it, the young master would definitely go to old master Bai, who was also his grandfather, and ask for an explanation…

Then, many things might become very tricky…


What do you mean you can’t find out?” Feng Yan was completely enraged.

He just wanted to know who this man was. How dare he touch his woman.

Actually, the most important thing was that he wanted to know who the man Yin shinian liked was.

She had actually provoked her again and again for a man, and she even dared to plead for him…

young master, we really can’t find anything. It’s obvious that the other party has a powerful background and has the ability to hide his whereabouts.

Han Bing was not good at lying, so he kept his head down when he spoke.

She should be glad that Feng Yan was still in a fit of anger. Otherwise, he would have seen through her with a single glance.

Continue to investigate!” Feng Yan didn’t believe that there was anyone in Yun Cheng that he couldn’t find.


Yin shinian was sick, he had a high fever…

She wrapped herself in the blanket and shivered from the cold. Her delicate and pretty face was abnormally red.

She kept thinking about whether nainai had eaten, but she did not have the strength to move at all.

She didn’t think that Feng Yan would leave nainai alone… Nainai would definitely cry if she saw him in this state.

That area was probably swollen and painful. Feng Yan was so fierce and unrestrained that she thought she was going to die …

At this moment, she was glad that she had agreed to leave with Bai Hexun.

Yin shinian thought that if she didn’t leave now, she would probably be killed by Feng Yan…

There was no part of her body that didn’t hurt, and she almost crawled out of the bathroom.

Because she was kneeling in the bathtub, her knees were already red and swollen, and she couldn’t stand up at all…

Thinking of the humiliation she had suffered in the bathroom, Yin shinian thought that if it wasn’t for nainai, she wouldn’t want to live.

Feng Yan was not human, how could he do that to her…

How could he humiliate her like that…

What right did he have to …

When Feng Yan returned to the bedroom, he saw Yin shinian wrapped in the blanket, lying there. He didn’t know if he was asleep.

His anger hadn’t subsided yet. The thought of Yin shinian kissing that wild man made him want to kill her.

Feng Yan immediately pulled away the blanket covering Yin shinian.

Yin shinian’s body trembled because of the fever and anger.

When Feng Yan’s hand was placed on her body, about to pull her over, Yin shinian spoke.

Don’t touch me …” His hoarse and dry voice made one’s heart ache.

After saying this, Yin shinian curled up tightly. He was very cold…

I can’t f * eking touch you?” Feng Yan turned Yin shinian’s body around in anger.


He was very angry, but when he saw her red face, he immediately touched her forehead.


Damn it!” When he touched her burning forehead, Feng Yan cursed.

He directly pressed the internal line and asked Han Bing to call the family doctor.

You don’t know how to tell me if you have a fever?” Feng Yan’s tone was even more aggressive than before.


When she touched Yin shinian’s body, it was no different from a furnace.

Yin shinian bit his lip and didn’t say anything. In fact, she wanted to shout and shout too.

Who was the reason she had a fever?

Was there a need for him to be so hypocritical and act as if he was worried about her?

Cold?” Seeing Yin shinian shriveling there, trembling, Feng Yan lay down and hugged her.


Yin shinian struggled not to let him hold her. She didn’t want to see him now, and she didn’t want to feel his breath…

Don’t move. Do you still want me to do you?” Feng Yan’s self-control was in the negatives with Yin shinian.


Even if she had a cold look on her face, he still couldn’t control his urge to want her when he saw her.

He wasn’t a person without restraint, but as long as she was in front of him, he would become unrestrained.

Shameless!” Yin shinian was so angry that his body trembled. This man was simply inhuman.


When the family doctor arrived, Yin shinian had already fallen asleep in Feng Yan’s arms.

Perhaps it was because she was too tired from Feng Yan’s previous tortures, or perhaps it was because Feng Yan’s embrace was too comfortable.

In short, she was in a deep sleep. She didn’t even react when the doctor gave her an injection.

In the early hours of the morning, Yin shinian’s fever finally subsided, and Feng Yan heaved a sigh of relief.

He pulled out his numb arm and got out of bed to smoke on the balcony.

In the smoke, he looked at Yin shinian, who was lying on the bed, and narrowed his eyes slightly …

Yin shinian was in good health and was fine the next day. However, she was even colder to Feng Yan.

Sometimes, she treated him like he was invisible, which made Feng Yan so angry that he gritted his teeth.

However, because nainai was around, he always held back his anger.

After returning to the room, he tormented Yin shinian to death…

She gritted her teeth and endured it. The more he wanted her to call him, the more she refused to call him …

And this vicious cycle made Yin shinian’s legs weak every time he got out of bed

Another thing was that Yin shinian had been grounded by Feng Yan and was not allowed to go out…

Yin shinian called Bai Hexun, but his phone was turned off and she couldn’t find him…

She felt more and more uneasy. After that day, Feng Yan never mentioned that she had been forced to kiss him again.

The more he didn’t mention it, the more worried Yin shinian was. He was afraid that Bai Hexun was in danger. Now that she couldn’t contact him, she was even more flustered…

Seal the door

Today was nainai’s birthday.

Nainai stood at the kitchen door happily, watching her mother bake a cake for her.

Her birthday was the happiest time of her life because her mother would satisfy all her needs. She could eat as much cake as she wanted and sleep later.

She especially liked celebrating her birthday, even though the only birthday she had any recollection of was last year. After all, she was still very young before that and had no memory of it.

However, her birthday this year was a little different. She looked forward to spending it with her parents.

However, it was still her and her mother. Without her father, she still felt sad.

There were expectations in his heart, and the greater the expectations, the greater the disappointment. It was inevitable that he would feel even more lost.

However, in front of her mother, nainai still acted the same as usual. Her face was full of smiles, and her words were crisp and clear.

Yin shinian could see nainai’s disappointment. Before this, she didn’t want Feng Yan to come back. She hoped that he would be busier so that they wouldn’t have to see each other and wouldn’t be tormented by him.

However, today, she hoped that he would come back to celebrate nainai’s birthday with her.

After much hesitation, Yin shinian walked out of the kitchen and told nainai that she was going to the bathroom. For the first time, she took the initiative to call Feng Yan.

Hearing the beeping sound from the other end of the phone, Yin shinian rubbed the corner of his shirt, very nervous.

Feng Yan’s car had just entered Feng gate when his phone rang. When he saw that it was Yin shinian, he was quite surprised.

In his memory, she had never taken the initiative to call him…

He asked Han Bing to drive the car in, got out of the car, and picked up the phone.

The call went through. Feng Yan didn’t say anything, but waited for Yin shinian to speak.

On the other end of the phone, Yin shinian paused for a few seconds before he said, ” are you coming back tonight? ”

Maybe he wasn’t used to raking the initiative to call Feng Yan, or maybe he was resisting talking to him in his heart, but in any case, Yin shinian’s voice trembled slightly, and this kind of trembling voice had a hint of coquettishness.


You miss me?” Feng Yan’s voice was gentle and had a hint of mockery.

His lazy voice was low and deep, and anyone who heard it would be sucked into a Whirlpool.

Yin shinian bit his lip and didn’t say anything. She hated Feng Yan the most when he spoke to her in this tone.

It was as if they were lovers, but there was no relationship between them.

Today is… It’s nainai’s birthday!

Thinking of nainai’s expectations, she didn’t want the child to be too upset.

Nainai looked very cheerful, but in reality, she was more fragile than any other child.

I asked you if you missed me.” Feng Yan spoke again, but this time, his tone was clearly more demanding.

Yin shinian felt that Feng Yan had gone a little too far…

She felt that based on Feng Yan’s feelings for nainai, he would agree to come back if she told him that it was nainai’s birthday.

I’ve told you. It’s up to you to decide if you want to come back or not! Yin shinian was about to hang up the phone.

if you say that you miss me, I’ll come back. If you don’t say anything, I’ll give nainai a birthday at any time!

Feng Yan’s voice came from the other end of the phone, cutting off Yin shinian, who was about to hang up.

Yin shinian knew how much nainai was looking forward to celebrating her birthday with Feng Yan.

After all, he was her father. Nainai’s birthday wish was to be able to spend her birthday with her parents.

Yin shinian didn’t want nainai to force a smile on her birthday.

Yin shinian bit his lip and closed his eyes slightly. Did she miss him?

Logically speaking, the answer she could give in an instant was no. However, when she asked herself, she could not give the answer…

Yin shinian felt that he was probably sick…

Her fair little hand held the phone tightly. She opened her mouth and finally said, ” I miss you …

These two simple words seemed to have used up all the strength in Yin shinian’s body.

Tell me everything!

On the other end of the phone, Feng Yan’s words were a little more heavy, and he went out of tune repeatedly, as if he had some emotions that needed to be vented.

Yin shinian wanted to hang up the phone immediately, but he thought about it. He had already spoken and said what he wanted to say. He couldn’t just leave it like this without a result!

She knew what Feng Yan wanted her to say…

Yin shinian told himself that this was all for nainai’s sake, not because she really missed him…

She, Yin shinian, would not think of a man who had another woman in his heart. She would not…


Just you wait, Yin shinian, just you wait!

Something seemed to have exploded all of a sudden because of that sentence. I miss you. Can you come back? ”

Feng Yan hung up the phone and quickly walked back to the villa, not wanting to waste a single second.

Yin shinian listened to the busy tone on the phone and was confused. Why did it feel like Feng Yan was going to make her wait for him to come back and kill her

When he left the bathroom and turned into the living room, Yin shinian was stunned. Someone had come to his house …

Han Bing was directing people to send things to the dining room, and some people were decorating the living room, all of which were related to birthday decorations.

Mumu and Tang Tang were playing with nainai…

And Feng Xi… He’s here?

And it was walking towards him. To be exact, it was running towards him.

Yin shinian didn’t react at all. She had only gone to the bathroom to make a phone call. Why were there so many people in the house when she came out…

These people couldn’t have come just to take a look around. They knew that it was nainai’s birthday…

Then, how did they know? it could only be Feng Yan…

He knew that it was nainai’s birthday today, but he still forced himself to say that he missed him and begged him to come back…

‘This man is too despicable. How can there be such a person? he’s a bastard.’

It wasn’t until he was pulled into his arms and felt the man’s strong heartbeat that Yin shinian suddenly retracted his thoughts.


Feng Xi, what are you doing?” Yin shinian struggled. Was Feng Xi crazy in front of the child?


Don’t move, let me hug you, I miss you so much!


In the past, when Yin shinian was shinian and was under house arrest by Feng Xi, he also liked to hug her.

He didn’t do anything but liked to hug her and hug her. He liked it very much.

He really liked the light and fresh smell on Shi Nian’s body, which made people feel very comfortable.

Feng Xi, don’t be like this. Let go of me. My daughter is here. Let’s talk. Can you not be like this?”


Yin shinian was anxious. Firstly, she was worried that it would be bad if nainai saw it. Secondly, she was worried that Feng Yan would appear. If he saw it, she would be the one suffering. He would definitely torture her to death.

Shinian, your voice is really nice to listen to!” Feng Xi nestled in Yin shinian’s neck and rubbed against it.


Yin shinian struggled hard to break free, but what she didn’t expect was that Feng Xi would let go of her of her own accord …

However, when she saw Feng Yan’s face, she realized that he had been the one who had pulled Feng Xi away.

Before Feng Xi could react, Feng Yan had already pushed him away.

He restrained himself and didn’t throw a punch because of the child.

Feng Xi glared at Feng Yan angrily, he was having a good time hugging her!

Feng Xi, this is my woman. If you’re more sensible, you should know that she’s your sister-in-law!”

The Young Master’s Bride

Li Beichen, Ye Qingge’s fiancé’s Little Uncle, the helmsman of the Li family, greatly indulges her. “Little Uncle, having dignity is a good thing. Won’t you please retain some of it?” she said. “Are you addicted to calling me ‘Little Uncle’? My son already addresses you as ‘mom’. Shouldn’t you…call me ‘hubby’ instead?” he asked. Some have asked Li Beichen — why is he so nice to Ye Qingge? His answer? “She gave birth to my kid at eighteen, gained thirty-three catty in weight, and endured 27 hours of labor. I wouldn’t dare treat a woman like that poorly. I could never do so.” Some have asked Ye Qingge — what’s so great about Li Beichen? Her answer? “He treats me right!” B0XN0VEL.CʘM



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