Young Master Lu’s Lovely New Bride

Chapter 1350

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Chapter 1350 Chapter Lu Bo Yan’s Taste Has Changed (2)

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The pantry has a wide view and a good landscape, Su Jianan stood for a while and went to find Shen Yuechuan.

Shen Yuechuan’s office is downstairs, the layout is similar to Lu Boyan’s office, the documents on the table are also piled up, and the degree of busyness is not lost to Lu Boyan.

Su Jianan’s visit, Shen Yuechuan was still a bit surprised and looked up at her, “Did you get things done with Shijue and Yuning?”

“Done.” Su Jianan directly asked, “How’s the matter of Yun Yun’s report?”

“The formalities are all done, the course starts on Wednesday.” Shen Yuechuan stopped working and looked at Su Jianan, “You came to me for the matter of Si Jue and Yuning?”

“Yes.” Su Jianan smiled and nodded, “They got their marriage license, I want to help them celebrate, you and Yun Yun don’t have any arrangements tonight, do you?”

“I’ve long since freed up my time.” Shen Yuechuan looks at the time, “However, I estimate that I’ll be busy until after six, and Bo Yan shouldn’t leave the company too early today.”

“I know, that’s why I’ve arranged for it to be celebrated at seven thirty, right at the hospital.” Su Jianan said, “You pick up Yun Yun after work and go there together.”

Shen Yuechuan made an “OK” gesture, “No problem.”

“It’s a deal!” Su Jianan pointed upstairs, “I’ll go up first.”

“Jianan, wait.” Shen Yuechuan called Su Jianan, “You often come to the company during this time, is it ……?”

Shen Yuechuan didn’t finish his sentence, but, Su Jianan had already guessed what he was going to ask.

Sujean pretended to be unsure, “What?”

Shen Yuechuan looked at Su Jianan’s reaction and vaguely guessed Su Jianan most likely hadn’t heard anything yet.

Well, more is better than less, and he’ll just pretend he didn’t hear anything.

“It’s nothing.” Shen Yuechuan smiled and shook his head, “You go up.”

Su Jianan rode the elevator up the stairs and walked to Lu Bo Yan’s office door when Zhang Manni just happened to push the door out.

At a glance, she noticed that Zhang Manni’s clothes were a bit messy at her chest.


Su Jianan’s brain was like being bombarded for no apparent reason, and became blank for a moment.

Zhang Manni obviously did not expect to encounter Su Jianan, panicked and covered her chest, innocently and helplessly looking at Su Jianan: “Madam ……”

This churlish yet matter-of-fact look of hers was clearly trying to imply something with Su Jianan.

Su Jianan, however, acted as if she didn’t notice anything, smiled and nodded as she walked into the office.

Her bombarded mind hadn’t regained its composure yet, but it was all she could do to force herself to maintain at least a semblance of calm.

In the office, Lu Bo Yan just as if nothing had happened, saw Su Jianan back, and asked with a calm demeanor, “Is it done?”

Su Jianan squeezed out a smile, “Okay.” She looked at her watch in a thoughtful manner.

Lu Bo Yan glanced at Su Jian An’s movements and casually asked, “Anything else?”

“I’m wondering if I should go back.” Su Jianan was clueless and just wanted to escape, desperately looking for an excuse, “Xiyou and Xiangyi are at home, I’m worried about them ……”

Lu Bo Yan looked at the remaining work, in two hours at most, he would be done with it.

Su Jianan came home at this time, looked at the two little ones, and then had to leave again to rush to the hospital, which was equivalent to wasting time on the road.

“Wait for me here.” Lu Bo Yan said, “When Si Jue’s side is over, we’ll go back together.”

“……” Because of the latter half of Lu Bo Yan’s sentence, Su Jian An inexplicably felt at ease, nodded her head and did not speak.

Lu Bo Yan thought Su Jian An was still uneasy about the two little ones and said, “Mom has already gone over, with her there, nothing will happen to Xiyou and Xiangyi.”

“I know.” Su Jianan casually pulled a book from the shelf, “Alright, you’re busy.”

The office spiraled into silence.

Su Jianan made the appearance of reading a book, but in reality, did not turn a page.

She was torn between believing and doubting Lu Bo Yan, and in the end, the balance in her heart still favored believing Lu Bo Yan.

If anything, she was trusting Lu Bo Yan just now.

Now, then, she just believed in their love.

At six o’clock or so, Lu Bo Yan finished handling all the work and set off to the hospital with Su Jian An. When they were almost there, Luo Xiao Xi also sent a message saying that she and Su Yicheng were already on their way.

Another important person is Auntie Chau.

Auntie Zhou had watched Mu Sijun grow up, and to Mu Sijun, Auntie Zhou was his unrelated relative.

There was no one happier than Auntie Zhou when Mu Shi Jue and Xu Yuning got married.

Celebration and all that, of course Auntie Chou had to be there.

Having learned from the previous lesson, this time, Lu Boyan asked Uncle Qian to pick up Aunt Zhou, and the security aspect was ensured to be in place.

At a time like this, they couldn’t afford a single accident.

Mu Siju and Xu Yuning, who were far away from the hospital, still didn’t know, what exactly Su Jianan had planned, and could only wait.

After returning from the Civil Affairs Bureau, Xu Yuning spent quite a bit of time to let her excitement calm down, turning her head to see Mu Sijun, but smiling like a satisfied fool.

It’s so nice that he’ll always be there for her from now on.

Thinking back on everything that had happened before, Xu Yuning couldn’t help but wonder if that had really ever happened.

She still remembered that two years ago, she returned to G City with an unspeakable purpose, using Su Jianan to get close to Mu Siju.

Unfortunately for her, she fell in love with her target in the course of the mission.

She went out on a limb and confessed her love for Muji, not asking for eternity, but only ever to be with Muji.

Mousse Lord promised her to be one of his women, one of them.

However, she didn’t become very happy about it.

Because she knew both she and Mu Sijun were people who lived on the backside of the sun, their identities were too complicated and they had no future to speak of.

Later, her grandmother died swiftly, she was forced to turn against Mu Sijun, and accidentally learned that the car accident left her with fatal sequelae, she once felt that the future was gray, without any light of hope.

It was Mushi Jennifer, little by little, who lifted the haze and let hope penetrate into her life.

And now, she and Mu Sijun are married, and their child, who is growing day by day, will soon come into the world without any surprises.

Xu Yuning sat on the sofa, supported her chin and looked at Mu Sijun, temporarily forgetting those unpleasant things and burst out laughing.

Mu Sijun raised his head and glanced at Xu Yuning, “What are you laughing at?”

He didn’t notice that the bottom of his eyes, at some point, were also colored with the same smirk as Xu Yuning’s.

Xu Yuning was serious: “I suddenly remembered something when children grow up, they will ask how mom and dad got together. Are we going to tell them truthfully, or is it better to make up a love story that is as romantic as Bo Yan Jianan’s relationship?”

“We have our own story, we don’t need to make it up.” Musashi raised an eyebrow without thinking, “Tell him truthfully.”

“Sure?” Xu Yuning was a bit hesitant, “Will it scare the child?”

“My son, not so easily intimidated.”

Mu Sijiu was very sure of himself, as if he had already seen his and Yuning’s child become their pride.

Xu Yuning’s thinking also followed Mu Sijue’s dispersion, “If it’s a boy, of course it’s not that easy to scare, but what if …… it’s a girl?”

“Girls are good too.” However, it was true that the child should not be frightened. Mu Sijiu pondered for a moment and solemnly decided, “If it’s a girl, make up a romantic love story to trick her.”

Xu Yuning nodded, “Then it’s decided!”

The two of them chatted one way or the other, and Mousse became inefficient in handling his work, which Mousse paradoxically didn’t care about.

Quickly, the sun sinks and twilight begins to surface.

Lu Boyan called and said that they were already on their way over, telling Mu Sijun to get ready.

Mu Sijun hung up the phone, Xu Yuning suddenly remembered something and looked at Mu Sijun: “Have we not told Auntie Zhou about our marriage and license?”

“There’s no rush.” Mu Sijun said nonchalantly, “Call her later and tell her.”

Not long after, Lu Boyan and Shen Yuechuan several people arrived, letting Mu Sijun and Xu Yuning go to the hospital’s Chinese restaurant.

Xu Yuning looked puzzled, “What’s the point of going to the restaurant? To eat?”

Mu Sijiu closed the laptop, his reaction was very calm: “You’ll know when you go.” After saying this, he was about to get up.

Xu Yuning was quick with her eyes and hands, and the moment Mu Sijun stood up, she pressed Mu Sijun to the wheelchair, and without waiting for Mu Sijun to speak, she grabbed the opportunity to say: ”I know that you must think that the wheelchair is detrimental to your handsomeness, but it is beneficial to your recovery! So, whether you like it or not, you must use the wheelchair. If you are more obedient, you can still get rid of the wheelchair earlier.”

Mu Sijun raised his eyes and looked dangerously at Xu Yuning, “You’re minding me?”

“Right! Can’t you?” Xu Yuning declared rightfully, “I’m Mrs. Mu now, legally certified, of course I can control you!”

I don’t know which word pleases Mousse, the danger in the bottom of his eyes gradually fades, he smiles and obediently stays in his wheelchair.

Someone once said that if love had a flavor, it would be sweet.

Mousse used to despise that phrase.

But now, he understood.

Sweetness in love is not a taste on the tongue, but a feeling.

In the past, even Aunt Zhou didn’t dare to control him, much less force him to do anything, but now, Xu Yuning was coercing him openly and rightfully.

He, on the other hand, showed the helplessness of resignation, but actually did not have any unwillingness in his heart, but felt …… enjoyment instead.

Isn’t this feeling the sweetness that girls often talk about?

Sweet bondage just the thought of those words had deepened the smile at the corners of Mu Si Jue’s lips by a few points.

Xu Yuning pushed Mu Sijue, “Alright, we’re going down.”

She was in a good mood and was extra light on her feet.

She was looking forward to how Su Jianan was going to celebrate their nuptials, but she was even happier that she and Mu Sijue, were already a real couple just like Lu Buyan Su Jianan.

From this moment on, her whole life, she would be involved with Mu Si Jue.

Nothing, ever again, can separate them ……

Young Master Lu’s Lovely New Bride



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